California Spider #1011 @ Fiskens Retromobile 2015

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by Timmmmmmmmmmy, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Timothy Russell
    Well guys and girls Fiskens have updated their consignments that will be displayed and available for purchase at Retromobile in 2015.......

    1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
    1931 Bugatti Type 54 #54-201
    1933 Aston Martin 1.5L Short Chassis Le Mans
    1934 Maserati 8CM #3009
    1937 BMW 328
    1939 Lagonda V12 DHC
    1951 Ferrari 212 Export Barchetta #0102
    1952 Bentley R Continental
    1954 Pegaso Z102 Competition Coupe #0156
    1957 Porsche 550A #0145
    1958 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder #1011
    1960 Aston Martin DB4GT
    1961 Jaguar E-Type Convertible 5.3L series III
    1964 Alfa Romeo TZ1
    1964 Sunbeam Tiger Le Mans Coupe
    1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona
    2007 Aston Martin DBR9

    Most are entirely drool worthy cars and well worth going and taking a look at their stand if you are at Retromobile OR even just checking out their site......
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    I stopped with no appointment to see Gregor in the Mews late afternoon on Thursday between meetings and diner. While everyone was very busy preparing the cars, and the California was being polished, he took the time to offer me tea, and show me the DB4 GT ( yes I wanted this one,,) the Blu sera Dayona ( street car of late Dr Harry Jones, I own his Daytona competition - yes thought a minute to put both side by side..) , the Pegaso ( superb car) . Then we discussed the 212 , I know the car and looked at it, but did not buy it , few years ago.

    Then we stopped at the RR Ghost ( I dont think it is a Silver Ghost, I think it is a Ghost) with an amazing history. I had discussed this car with Gregor 3 years ago, and it's fantastic history, because I knew the car, owned by Ettore Bugatti, Tritignant and Jean Alesi.Gregor had the car fully restored , he actually owns it , for people who think that dealers can only trade! and it looks fantastic with the contrasting Wedgwood blue on dark blue. So we staid there for 20 minutes looking at the details of the car, how nice the restoration was and Gregor asking my views on some details and of course if I would like to have it in my stables.

    So you can see he is a real car enthusiast and driver ( we meet regularly at Le Mans, TA etc ) but just to make things clear ( for people who were complaining it is difficult to get attention and response from car dealers) I never bought or sold a car through him ( although we tried several time but did not succeed so far ) so this just was a very nice time talking cars, between 2 enthusiasts, specially as I will have almost no time for Retromobile.

    I had then diner with Max of RM ( this was was planned!) and next day again impromptu went to see Peter Bradfield, and luckily he was there and we chatted about his cars, asking my views and me asking his views. We went one by one through all the Farzer Nash chassis in th complete FN book, as he had one in his showroom , to discuss their history in Le Mans and MM and event acceptance.

    So when I read posts with people complaining about the limited attention they can have from dealers, or how rude some can be, or how irritated some dealers can be when asked what is the next car hit, I am responding chose the people you want to talk to and those 3 ( and few others but those are in Central London around Kensington) are wonderful people you are happy and feel privileged to know and can talk cars with them for hours and they have the time for you and they listen to your comments too!

    So Gregor, Max and Peter thank you for your time last week and see you soon and at some event, and source new cars I can dream of (acquiring one day!).
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    Wish I could go to Paris this year.
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    Timothy Russell
    Thanks for the really great information and when I am in a position to make contact those three will be top of the list. I would guess they get an interesting mixture of tire kickers, dreamers and haters which is a lot like any cross section of humanity. What I really like is your description that they are truly passionate about their Raison d'etre and as the cliche goes if you do a job you love, you wont ever work a day in your life. Just imagine being surrounded by the cars Gregor has, I especially love the Bugatti Type 54 and Maserati 8CM, you could buy both and challenge a friend to a race................

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