Callaway B2K Corvette as a collector car

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    If you can find a copy of Corvette Enthusiast Magazine from mid-2008, there is a great article called, "Son of Sledge and the King" which compared 3 ZR-1 Corvettes and 3 B2Ks. There was a clear favorite, as picked by the owners and drivers, as they drove each.

    Regarding the performance, Motorweek TV tested both, same track, same day, same, same... Anyways, the Callaway B2K Corvette was quicker, period.

    Here's a clip:

    I hope this info is useful
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    The 0 to 60 times were the same and the quater mile times were .2 faster for the Calloway..all that for an additional $27k at the time! That was a lot of money at the time...

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    Earlier you stated that the B2K was the "highest performance" Chevrolet through 2006. Above, you use that phrase interchangeably with "fastest."

    While the B2K certainly had competitive top speeds with newer cars, that is largely an academic contest in America. A C5 Z06 runs consistent low 12s in the 1/4 mile, and would run away and hide from any stock C4 on a road course. Even the base C5 was an order of magnitude better than even the best C4 on a road course.

    Both of these parameters are more relevant than top speed, and therefore the B2k, great as it was, was eclipsed long before 2006 as the "highest performance" Chevy.

    (6 Corvettes in the stable currently, 1985-2010)
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    What is the real scaled weight of the B2K vs C4ZR1?

    Is the B2K's Fe engine with turbo plumbing offset by the narrow body and smaller (lighter) chassis pieces?


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