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Discussion in 'Northwest' started by RED GTS, Sep 15, 2004.

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    Thanks for the info on body shops. Queen city is working on it now. Another question if you dont mind. I need to rent a car trailer to pick up a car. Anyone know a place that rents them. I dont think uhaul will rent unless you rent a truck from them also.
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    Dave Tegeler
    It was an open trailer cost $50 for the day. Problem with open trailers is your car gets rock chipped - not a good idea with 20/20 hidsight. Perhaps if I'd haqve installed a plywood mud flap across the entire width of the bumper on my pick-up it would have stopped that. Dumb me.
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    Uhaul/Ryder will rent the trailer to you as long as your tow vehicle meets minimum Gross Vehicle Weights and has a class C hitch, (6,000 lbs?)

    You'll have to call them for the weight requirements. I used a 1 ton cube van but I don't see why a 3/4 ton truck wouldn't work.

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