Carbon fiber seat inserts

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    Yes. Rare
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    Awesome. Thank you! I know the seats are rare, but never saw the colored inserts on another car.
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    Terry H Phillips
    Here you go. Racing seats with fabric centers were an option all the way out to 2004. European list here.

    2004 360 Modena/Spider Options

    360 Modena / 360 Spider

    Two racing seats with central part in fabric

    Two racing seats wholly in leather

    Rear "challenge style" black grille

    Front "challenge style" grilles

    4 point safety belt harnesses (only for 360 Modena)

    Road legal roll-bar (only for 360 Modena)

    Out-of-range paint color

    Paint color upon sample

    Scuderia Ferrari shields on fenders

    Modular wheel rims

    Sunroof & leather headliners (only for 360 Modena)

    Brake calipers in red color

    Brake calipers in yellow color

    Brake calipers in aluminum grey color

    Color upon request for upper dashboard

    Color upon request for steering wheel

    Leather upholstery for the headliner (only for 360 Modena)

    Leather upholstery for rear bench well & under-door molding

    Color upon request for standard stitching

    Special stitching colored upon request

    Color upon request for roll bar upholstery (only 360 Spider)

    Electrically operated seats

    Daytona style seat trim

    Seat piping with color upon request

    Dedication plate in silver

    Space saver wheel kit

    Radio navigation system

    HiFi sound system (with subwoofer)

    Modena leather small suitcase set (only for 360 Modena)

    Interior matching small suitcases (only for 360 Modena)

    Modena leather luggage set (3 pc)

    Interior matching luggage set (3 pc)

    Pre-wiring and kit for battery charging
    6 CD changer

    Handy fire extinguisher


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    I've been looking for one of those. Thank you!

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