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Carbon Fiber Theater Presents: A Sunday in New Hope

Discussion in 'New York Tri-State' started by 134282, Nov 27, 2003.

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    Carbon McCoy
    This story is played by DES’ id, ego & superego.
    (The Id is played by Jack Black; the Ego is played by Tom Cruise’s character in Jerry Maguire; the Superego is played by Higgins from Magnum.)

    Sunday morning was almost afternoon by the time DES woke up. It was another beautiful weekend at the Chateau. Bruce & Andrea were already awake. Not long after, he was awake, dressed and trailing behind The Wellingtons in their new Crossfire, on the way to Matt’s house. When they pulled up, Matt’s spotless white Lamborghini Countach was sitting in the driveway. It was a good day, already.

    Id: “Oooh, look…! A Lamborghini…! I want one…! I want it, I want it, I want it…!”
    Ego: “Just relax… Matty told Bruce that he’d gladly give us a ride in it- he even said that last time we saw him; but you have to chill.”
    Superego: “You ungodly thing; how could you be so bold as to gaze with lust upon another man’s possession and so DESire it?”
    Id: “Shut up, I wanna get a ride…!”

    DES, Bruce and Andrea parked and began chatting with Matt. He was expecting his friend shortly.

    Id: “Hey… Where the hell’s the guy with the Diablo…? I wanna see this thing already!”
    Ego: “Relax, it’ll be here… You were just raving over the Countach and now you’re thirsty for another Lamborghini…?”
    Superego: “Ugh. Pure vileness, I say. I’m ashamed to be a part of the same personality as you.”

    Only moments later, Oscar pulled up in his yellow SV Monterey Edition Lamborghini Diablo; 1 of 20 in the world. It was quite beautiful. Soon cameras were shuttering, picture after picture. A white Lamborghini Countach QV 5000 and a Yellow Diablo SV, together. It was truly a sight to behold.

    Id: “Ooh…! Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh…! Look at the Diablo…!!!”
    Ego: “Relax, play it cool…”
    Superego: “Stifle your incessant chatter, this instant!”

    Everyone was chatting and enjoying the two cars. Soon we would go for a ride to New Hope and meet up with some other friends.

    Id: “Let’s go, already…! I wanna get in one of these beasts…!”
    Ego: “Yeah, me too, but we gotta be cool… Just sit tight, I’ll get us in, don’t worry…”
    Superego: “Sigh…”

    A few more minutes of idle chit chat and some more pictures and we were ready to go.

    Id: “We’re ready to go…? WOOHOOO…! What am I riding in…?”
    Ego: “Easy now… Just give me a minute… Let me go see if Matty will take a passenger…”
    Superego: “Surely you’re not going to ask, are you…?”

    After approaching the two Lamborghinis, Matt gave DES the signal to hop in. DES eagerly complied.

    Id: “Awesome…! Let’s haul ass…!”
    Ego: “Oh, this is perfect… we’re in…! Now let’s keep it cool…”
    Superego: “Oh, phooey… I don’t see the big deal about these types of cars, anyway…”

    A quick stop at the gas station so Oscar could quench his Diablo’s thirst and they were cruising to New Hope.

    Id: “Faster! FASTER…! Let’s see what this bad ***** can do…!”
    Ego: “Yeah, I wanna see, too… Just be cool, okay…?”
    Superego: “My word! You two are so immature!”
    Ego: “Hey, easy, now… We’re just enthusiasts trying to have some fun…”
    Id: “Yeah, piss off kill joy, we’re trying to have fun…!”
    Ego: “Chill out, let’s just try to keep our composure…”
    Id: “Faster! FASTER…!”

    A short but spirited cruise later and they were soon in the midst of New Hope’s Sunday hustle and bustle.

    Id: “What is this crap, man…? Forget this lunch jazz, let’s get back out on the highway…!”
    Ego: “In time; but first we need to eat…”
    Id: “Forget that, I wanna hit record speeds in this thing…!”
    Superego: Grumble.
    Ego: “Just relax… be happy that you’re in a Lamborghini, at all…”

    Once the group established a safe parking place, they finished their journey to get something to eat on foot. A quick walk through a few blocks on the main strip and they found themselves at Fran’s Pub.

    Id: “What the hell are we doing…? I don’t wanna eat, I wanna go for another ride…!”

    The food was great, the atmosphere abuzz with people. Soon, more friends joined the table. Ken and his wife, Louisa; John and his wife, Linda. Before long, it was a Sunday afternoon party.

    Id: “Let’s go! Let’s get back in the cars…!”

    After lunch, they all headed back to the parking lot. Time and attention gave way to cars that brought them together. A few group pictures and they were on our their way back to Matty’s house. This time, Oscar let DES ride with him in his Diablo.

    Id: “Yeah…! DIABLO! DIABLO! DIABLO! Go faster…! FASTER…!”
    Ego: “Yeah, this is pretty nice…”
    Superego: “Slow down! I think I’m going to be sick…!”

    Back at Matty’s house, they kicked back in the living room. Soon his girlfriend, Miriella arrived with pizzas and soda. Dinner was good but the company was better.

    Id: “What are we sitting around for, let’s go back out in the cars…! Let’s go…!!!”

    Like all good things, though, the evening needed to come to an end. Most of them needed to go back to work the next day and had to get home to get some sleep.

    Id: “Hey, where the hell is everyone going…? Let’s go for another drive…! I don’t wanna go home… Waaaaah! I don’t wannnnaaa…!!!”
    Ego: “Thanks, everyone… We had a wonderful time… The cars were awesome…”
    Superego: “Finally, I can go home. Sleep awaits…”

    Thanks, a lot everyone; Matty, Miriella, Oscar, Bruce, Andrea, John, Linda, Ken & Louisa…! It was a great day. I look forward to seeing you all again, soon.

    In case you missed them, pictures are here, here and here.

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