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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by P.Webb, Nov 15, 2005.

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    I want to thank you guys for coming out to the Chicago Alfa Romeo Owners Club Spring Speed at Autobahn CC last Spring.

    We have secured the 2006 event date for May 6-7. As soon as the contract is signed and deposits change hands, I'll get an early jump on the registration process this year. Probably shortly after Christmas.

    I look forward to seeing many of you at the event again this year either touring or lapping. Maybe we'll get more of you with a helmet on this year!! (yes, that means you Sean!!). We look forward to seeing Noel's and Clifton's 360s again this year. What a beautiful car the 360 is.

    We will again be offering touring. The scheme worked so well last year, we will again do 2 touring sessions and if we get enough people signed up, the first touring session will be all-Italian.

    The weather should be MUCH better this year with the better date.

    Watch this space for more info as it develops. You can also check our website for this and all our events at


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