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    Walter Rohrl talks about his personal car collection, which he notes includes a Carrera GT

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    Walter Rohrl talks about the development of the Carrera GT below. In summary, Mr. Rohrl was 100% responsible for the dynamics of the car, as he was responsible for not some, but all test driving duties, from the first day to the last!

    My favorite part is when he says, "The problem was that the Carrera GT is a race car..." :)

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    Are any owners planning on attending the upcoming Cars & Coffee at Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles? This is a great way to enjoy the new PECLA and check out the facility, dining, great Porsches in attendance, etc.

    We will be heading up from south Orange County in the ex-Seinfeld 997 GT3 RS, it would be nice to get some owners together and perhaps convoy up. Please reach out to me if you are planning to go:

    Details below:

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    That's a proper pair of Porsches to own, although to anyone familiar with values of each, the one on a right is a bargain in comparison to the one on the left!
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    Pilot Sport Cup 2 on a Carrera GT.

    Correct CGT sizes for these are not currently in production - I hope Michelin changes that, as these cars deserve properly sticky rubber!

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    Interesting find detailing the Carrera GT's development status back in November 2002. I have seen this quoted before, but not seen the whole article:

    A Superhuman Sportster

    By Joshua Dowling
    The Sydney Morning Herald
    Friday November 15 2002

    The release of Porsche's Carrera GT, which will challenge the Ferrari Enzo for the title of the world's fastest car, has been delayed because one of its most experienced test drivers says it is too powerful for mere mortals.

    Former world rally champion and Porsche test driver Walter Rohrl told Drive the new Porsche supercar is "the first car in my life that I drive and I feel scared".

    Just three Australians have ordered one, but they have told Porsche their cars will be garaged in Europe because the Carrera GT cannot be registered here.

    Rohrl, who has been testing the Carrera GT in prototype form for the past three years, said it is so powerful that it spins the rear wheels in each gear up to fifth in its six-ratio box.

    Power and acceleration figures are yet to be announced but Rohrl gave a clue to the engine's awesome performance, saying that the 5.5-litre V10 produces 450Nm of torque from as little as 2000rpm.

    Overseas reports claim that the engine has a maximum of 450kW and 600Nm and that the engine revs to 9000rpm.

    Earlier this year, Rohrl said, the engineering team was about to cancel a day's testing at the famous Nurburgring circuit because of wet weather. But, Rohrl said, when he insisted the car had to be tested in slippery conditions, he discovered the car's daunting performance.

    "I came back into the pits and I was white," Rohrl said. "I immediately said to the engineers that we need one button for the wet and one button for the dry", referring to the need for a traction control switch.

    Originally, he said, there were no plans to fit electronic traction control to the Carrera GT but his insistence has forced Porsche to develop a system at late notice.

    Porsche is also trying to refine the gearbox -- but getting so many heavy-duty parts to move smoothly and quickly has proved challenging for engineers.

    Rohrl says the car will not be released "until it is perfect" and that the maker is under no time pressure to deliver the Carrera GT.

    "That is one of the good things about projects like this," he says. "Everyone wants the best and we will do what it takes, as long as it takes, to build the best.

    "The car will sell whenever we bring it out."

    Since its unveiling in concept car form at the 2000 Paris motor show, the Carrera GT has been on the road frequently as part of Porsche's rigorous testing program and accordingly has often been caught wearing little disguise (above).

    The Carrera GT was at the Estoril F1 race track in Portugal last week for dry-weather testing. Rohrl, who was attending a media release for the new Porsche Cayenne 4WD at the time, was on the phone each night to check on the progress of his "baby".

    At the Nurburgring, Rohrl tested the car with several tyre combinations and found that the 20-inch Michelin tyres, while excellent in the dry, were more of a handful in the wet than the equivalent Pirellis, on which he was 20 seconds a lap quicker around the 22km circuit.

    Porsche has yet to make top speed claims about the Carrera GT but it has been reported that its tyres will be rated to 400kmh because the car is likely to exceed 350kmh.

    The current benchmark is the three-seater McLaren F1 road car which recorded a top speed of 386.7kmh set in 1999. But this model has not been in production for four years, leaving the fight open for Porsche and Ferrari.

    On paper, an acceleration time of 3.7 seconds for the 0-100kmh sprint is likely for the Carerra GT. Rohrl would not give an estimate.

    "We develop the car to be the best we can possibly build and then put a stop watch on it," he said. "We don't come up with a time and say 'this is what we must achieve' because then you have a limit." Porsche plans to build no more than 1000 Carerra GTs (Ferrari is building 399 Enzos) over three years starting from mid-2003, assembling them by hand at the company's Leipzig plant alongside the Cayenne 4WD.
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    Had the opportunity to check out the 1-of-1 PTS Arancio Borealis Carrera GT #1021 yesterday.

    To our best knowledge, this may be the lowest mile Paint to Sample Carrera GT in the world, and such a special example couldn’t be coated in a more striking or memorable color.

    While I currently have a few choice Carrera GT available in more subtle colors myself, this car has inspired me to look forward to offering a PTS car in the future as we know a few owners!

    I'll post more images here as time permits.

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    Amazing color for the Carrera GT.
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    Beautiful CGT!
    What are your thoughts of asking price at $1.6 mil?

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    Holy **** - $1.6M ?

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    As I said, it's likely the lowest-mile PTS Carrera GT in the world, so they are free to ask whatever they desire.

    As for the back story, this car recently traded hands in January from the long-time 2nd owner (who was famous for listing the car on eBay at absurd prices), to the Ash Crest Collection in Indiana. They then sold it to CNC Motors. I'm not sure what CNC paid, but based on the details I know about the prior sale, I would deduce that CNC is into the car for more reasonable money than their ask might suggest.
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    In other news...

    I am often asked why so many Carrera GTs are finished in GT Silver, & this is something I wanted to address again here in a more detailed fashion.

    After all, six colors were available as standard: GT Silver, Seal Grey, Black, Basalt Black, Guards Red, and Fayence Yellow, as shown in the color palette included with the 2003 pre-production Carrera GT guide book, photographed above by yours truly.

    I think a better question is this: What is the history behind GT Silver as a color, which led it to becoming so popular?

    It's important to point out that GT Silver, seen on countless 911s and other Porsches today, simply did not exist prior to the Carrera GT. The color was specifically formulated to accentuate the Carrera GT’s shape, and contained changes to the metallic process, etc. to achieve that end. This is why GT Silver has more “sheen,” especially in photos, compared to a standard silver, and in my opinion can be thought of as a precursor to the similarly special Liquid Metal Silver on the 918 Spyder.

    Furthermore, GT Silver was a necessarily muted communication color (a concept described in a previous post in this thread) to pair with the “natural” interior colors which made the Carrera GT so unique: Terracotta and Ascot Brown. These throwback, classically inspired interior hues are best highlighted by a subdued exterior, and GT Silver fit the bill perfectly.

    All this combined is why, in my mind, many buyers and dealers alike took Porsche’s lead and ordered their Carrera GTs in GT Silver - a color which certainly has become iconic on this car, and is the color I would have on my personal Carrera GT!
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    Speaking of silvers, here is a comparison between GT Silver & Seal Grey.

    Unlike GT Silver, Seal Grey was not exclusive to Carrera GT at time of release, and could be found on 911s before the car came out.

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    Thats a great article.

    Reading how dangerous it is makes me want one even more.
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