360 catalytic convertor options 04' Ferrari 360

Discussion in '360/430' started by Tarek307, Nov 18, 2019.

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    I once had a very good job opportunity in CA. I decided against it because I was a car guy. CA is anything but car guy friendly.
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    Right out of school 30 yrs ago entertained a govt job w missile test assessment center in seal beach... but govt pay would have meant no f cars.
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    John Zornes
    CA quit doing the sniff test several years ago, no rolling road either. They do an OBD test and visual inspection. Interestingly enough, I heard they started verifying that the ECU software is correct with a checksum but I haven't validated that.
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    Tarek Salah
    yes OBD & they do also sniff tests, at least they connect something to your rear tail pipe, when i get older Aircooled porsches smogged they do that

    Searched for that topic couldn't find anything conclusive about it.
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    Brian Crall
    And yet it is still bigger a hobby in California than any other state. The car culture in any other state doesn't hold a candle to it by any yardstick.

    The things I could have delivered to my door by lunch I cannot even buy in Texas.

    R12? No problem. How much you want?
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    Brian Crall
    Only on OBD2 compliant cars. Smog stations still have testers and dynos for pre OBD2 cars.
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    Mitchell Le
    1976-2000 cars of all OBDx needs to be sniffed at the tail pipes
    2000+ only reading of error codes, like CEL for smog testing. Any code and you fail.

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