Cavallino di Memphis

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    Nov 3, 2003
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    Since many of you are close by I thought I would extend this invitation.

    The Memphis area FCA group is putting on "Cavallino di Memphis". It will take place at James Creek Stables, a private estate of a local car collector and car enthusiast. Time and location provided below. The venue is mainly Ferrari but will include unique and other exotics both old and new!!

    Please consider this as an invitation. To gain entry into the estate I will need your RSVP sent to my email address.


    CAVALLINO di MEMPHIS - Saturday Nov 5th | 2:00pm > 5:00pm
    James Creek Stables
    1115 Dent Rd.
    Eads, TN
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    Wish I would have seen this before today.

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