Changing colors on older Ferraris

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by atheyg, Sep 9, 2004.

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    I've noticed many older Ferraris 275's, Daytona's etc., have had color changes,some have had many different colors, it doesn't seem to effect their value much if at all.

    I know Ferrari painted the interiors black on most cars but can you tell on a vintage Ferrari that the color is not original, such as looking in a nook or hard to get to place and the original color will show?
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    If a car is properly restored, than you shouldn't be able to find any trace of earlier paint. It is not that difficult to find out what the original color was if you have the S/N of the car.
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    As long as the repaint is done properly and the color is a proper Ferrari color its not going to impact value in most cases. There were of coarse some colors that people like a bit less. If you repainted it a non-Ferrari offered color I imagine the story would be different. A day-glo purple Daytona may not bring even money with a Ferrari red one!

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    My Dino came from the Factory as a white car, was repainted red at some point. The only place I've spotted white paint so far was in a small edge of the interior under the headliner, which I loosened to work under. Otherwise, a good paint job is gonna hide the original. They pulled the trim off to paint it, but taped over the headliner.

    And, when you register the car with Ferrari, they tell you whatever they know about the car, interior and paint was what they had on mine. White car, blue interior.
  6. atheyg

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    Interesting, so Ferrari didn't paint the interiors Black on all cars and some were painted body color.

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