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Charity Car Show in St Louis, MO May 23rd

Discussion in 'North Midwest - USA (ND, SD, MN, IA, WI, IL)' started by RHINO, Jan 12, 2004.

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  1. RHINO

    RHINO Rookie

    Jan 12, 2004
    I know it seems like it's a long time off.. but...

    May 23rd.. is the Date...

    Location: Shriners Molaah Temple at Page and FEE FEE...

    Time: 8am to 5pm


    I will be posting more as the times grows near...

    Classes are already set..

    Trophy's WILL be cool... trust me I hate 2 dollar trophys...

    Early Model Truck (pre 80's) Mild (0 - 9 mods)

    Early Model Truck (pre 80's) Wild (10 + mods)

    Late Model Truck (post 80's) Mild (0 - 9 mods)

    Late Model Truck (post 80's) Wild (10 + mods)

    Compact Car Mild (0 - 9 mods)

    Compact Car Wild (10 + mods)

    Mini Truck Mild (0 - 9 mods)

    Mini Truck Wild (10 + mods)

    Origional / Restored Pre 50's

    Modified / Street Machine Pre 50's

    Origional / Restored 1951 - 1970

    Modified / Street Machine 1951 - 1970

    Origional / Restored 1971 - 1990

    Modified / Street Machine 1971 - 1990

    Origional / Restored 1991 – Current

    Modified / Street Machine 1991 - Current

    Compact Van / SUV

    FullSize Van / SUV

    Motorcycle - Domestic

    Motorcycle - Foreign

    Best Underconstruction

    Best Graphics

    Best Paint

    Best Suspension

    Best Interior

    Tallest Vehicle

    Lowest Vehicle

    Best Audio / Video Setup

    Special Intrest

    Best of Show

    Biggest Wheels

    Baldest Tire

    Club Participation

    A Large of the Entry fees, raffle money, and concessions will be donated to the American Cancer Society, in memory of my mom.

    Here's some examples of Sponsers so far

    Baer Brakes
    Gauge Magazine
    California Car Duster
    DMO Fabrications
    plus a LOT more

    More information will be posted as I find out about it..

    Please if you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at [email protected]
  2. RHINO

    RHINO Rookie

    Jan 12, 2004
    Many of you have looked at or responded to the Charity Car Show thread.
    We are now asking for your HELP as 'Boosters' for the event.

    Your HELP would be highly appreciated and go towards helping make this an EVENT to remember.

    If you are able to and DO NOT want to compete or participate in the show itself,
    please visit : and make a donation. It can be in either $1 $5 or $10 encriments.

    Just visit the link, make a donation, and then post up your name so it can be added to a 'Booster's Roster" to be displayed at the event MAY 23rd.

    Each and every one of us can help by circulating the show flyer,telling freinds,and soliciting donations from family and friends.
    Each and everyone of us can help serve a part in the 1st Annual Cars For a Cure.
    And each and everyone of us can walk away knowing we did something to HELP.
  3. RHINO

    RHINO Rookie

    Jan 12, 2004
    Show's Cancelled, if there were any moneys donated. Please go to paypal and reclaim your funds.

    Sorry for the inconvience

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