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    Hi All, im new to 400's. i now own 32481 and wondered if theirs any way i can find any information here.
    Thanks in advance
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    Aug 6, 2009
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    David Ramm
    Hello Nick,
    32481 is a Maranello Concessionaires UK supplied RHD 400i auto, originally light blue metallic (Azzurro Metallizzato) with light beige (SABBIA VM 3234) Connolly leather.
    J S Kaye was an owner in the 1980s on the plate JK15, Stewart Davidson was also a prior owner many years ago and Andrew Shaw owned it in 1998. It has been advertised as a project on Ebay for a few times since 2012.
    The keeper of the Maranello Concessionaires archive can provide copy docs including original invoices, order and confirmation of engine number etc - PM me if you need an introduction.
    Regards David
  3. Marcel Massini

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    Mar 2, 2005
    32481 was completed at the factory on 1st July 1980.

    Marcel Massini
  4. Mark Shannon

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    Dear Nick

    Stewart Davidson paid GBP £ 15,121 for it on 27 October 1988. It had 28,000 miles on a new engine fitted for the previous owner, Mrs Rosemary Roche-Manelaou, likely not long before hand as she had bought it on 6 October 1986.


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