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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by jjmalez, Nov 30, 2014.

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    They appear to be at the old Fox Valley Motor Cars in North Chicago. Their website doesn't give much information about themselves. Anyone here have any experience with them?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. 328Stuts

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    I dont have any personal experience with them, but I was considering a 360 from them until I stumbled across this site...
    Just my two cents but makes me nervous

    Chicago Motor Cars Suck
  3. NSXLuvr

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    Thx for the Link Chris. There is some really compelling neg. information in those PDF files!
  4. rodbuster

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    Jun 16, 2008
    From what i have heard, it is buyer beware with that outfit. I seem to remember them getting banned from the Porsche forum a while ago.
  5. The Nutsack

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    Link isn't working for me. What about Motor Cars International? Are they the same outfit or different? Any experience with them?
  6. farrbar

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    Sep 28, 2006
    I don't believe that Motorcars International is related to Chicago Motor Cars, the only common thread is the location.

    Motorcars International is owned by Bill Nuccio, I have bought several cars (both new & used) from Bill and his brother, Jim. He used to have Fox Valley and Lambo Chicago out on North Ave., then built the Lambo dealership in Westmont.

    Not sure what was the eventual downfall of the Lambo dealership, but believe that happended after he had sold. I didn't hear of any customers getting the shaft during his ownership.

    I have seen several less than perfect cars owned by Bill in the last, however, they have always been transparent with me (and reflected imperfections in the price). To me, transparency is key.

    All of the above is about Motorcars Internation by Bill Nuccio - NOT CHICAGO MOTOR CARS
  7. cdlambo

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    are you referring to Motorcars International in Springfield, MO

    JAYKAY Karting
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    Jim K
    The Nuccio's current dealership is Motorcars International in St Charles, IL.

    I agree 100% with everything farrbar said. The only common thread is the location, and the Nuccio family has been great to deal with. I bought my Elise from them new in 2006 and several of my friends bought from them as well and were happy.

    As for Chicago Motor Cars and the topic of this thread, my only experiences with them have been as a bystander / shopper, but I can tell you that neither my friends who have bought from them nor I have been impressed. One friend had a catastrophically bad experience with a car bought from them (think lawyers), that I won't say anything else about and my last experience shopping for my F355 left me wanting a shower.

    Their prices seem VERY competitive, to the point of making me ask why. Why isn't that Vanquish at Lake Forest? How did they buy a V10 R8 roadster such that it is nearly $10k clear of any other car in the market? My opinion is that while they do buy smart, they often also buy crap that franchised deals won't touch and use the price as a hook. Combine that problem with DAILY calls about a car that I told the sales guy I wasn't really interested in and I'll pass.

  9. rodbuster

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    Jun 16, 2008
    Here is a link to a newer post about chicago motor cars. It appears that they have has not changed its business practices.
  10. Townshend

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    That video is from three years ago.

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