Chris Harris: Pista vs Mc 600LT

Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by dustman, Nov 5, 2019.

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    1. Not a dead end road at all....certainly not in the context I was referring. :)Was referring to the two cars in topic, and, being at this level - Pista and 600lt. A 20K Fiesta is no contest to either of these and is not considered to be anywhere near comparable to either the Ferrari or Maclaren.
    2. You have missed my was clear, as in those who throw stones shouldn't live in glass houses. Some just play that game a bit better.
    3. Cough cough, as you were saying? Again my point was clear - about how many race wins. As you will read, hands down ahead of all others.:)

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    As you might have noticed I never said anything bad about McLaren, even though they were caught red handed and were rightfully stripped of their 2007 WCC points and fined 100 million. Ferrari has never been in that position.

    What matters is the quality of races won. Apart from LeMans proper, Porsches wins have been mainly in lower categories. Also, what matters is who they compete against. A proper metric would be the races competed/won against that of other racing powerhouses in certain disciplines.
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    1. You've skirted around the fringe but I get the picture. Not that you've managed to convince me. Where there is smoke there is usually fire.
    2. Seriously? Wow. If this isn't snobbery I don't know what is.
    You make me laugh zeus! Just make sure you keep that special bottle of merlot to one side for that day we meet ok.:D
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    5'10" fit standard seats in Huracan no problem, with helmet I have to scoot forward as helmet contacts headliner.
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    I don’t think those who say history and heritage are worth nothing and the way the car drives is worth everything are being honest with themselves. Nobody is saying a terrible car with a great badge is worth buying but every time I get into my 3RS, not only is the car brilliant but the feeling inside the cockpit, behind those five dials, with that cage behind my head and the raised wings ahead of me....the car’s brilliance and it’s heritage merge to form an irresistible mix - the heritage becomes highly evocative when the car is brilliant. If a car of identical response and performance with equal looks and build was offered at the same price and the promise of similar residuals by Kia, who among us would choose it over the Porsche?

    Whenever I get in my Speciale or 3RS, the heritage and brilliance of the cars become addictive. The brilliance is because of the heritage - that’s why heritage is so addictive. McLaren has huge heritage too. I don’t think Ferrari or Porsche’s ‘heritage’ as considered by those buying supercars is about previous bread-and-butter roadcars, it’s about race cars, race teams, race wins and maybe the hyper or poster cars. McLaren has just as much to celebrate, though it resonates less with me than Ferrari or Porsche but that’s just me. Who can deny the F1’s appeal as probably the best hypercar ever made (considering each in their era) or the fact over more than 40 years McLaren had won more than a quarter of the F1 races they started. And the wonderful Senna, perhaps the most incredible period of racing with hard-to-handle turbo cars and outright war between Senna and Prost. In fact, McLaren relies more on its heritage than either Ferrari or Porsche. It’s why people bought the 12C, their first supercar and it’s why people still buy the newer cars despite fewer and generally less established dealers and used market - they rely more on their heritage than any of the others.

    Is heritage important? Yes, because without it you rarely get brilliance without huge price per Koenigsegg or Pagani. It is no guarantee though and nobody says it overcomes poor product. But I choose to buy cars I love and those I love have a heritage I resonate with (highly personal) and are brilliant to drive (also personal but usually there is more of a degree of consensus).
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    LOL.....Miura, Countach, and Diablo much? All 3 automotive icons.
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    If someone can't appreciate the unique story of Bruce McLaren and his legacy is just making himself ridiculous and untrustworthy. A chatterbox in the digital world with no substance.
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    Vegas baby
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    I’m 6’2” and I don’t fit in the HP coupe with buckets. My head was firmly planted in the ceiling, and the buckets feel like they sit way too high to me. I was amazed how uncomfortable the car is for even a 10 minute drive. I fit much better in the comfort seats of the regular Huracan.
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    Neither seats are good honestly. Single biggest letdown of the HP.
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    Certainly iconic as bedroom wall posters and dream cars back in the 80s and 90s, but on most accounts from those who owned or drove them reported the driving experience was less than favorable.

    The context of my post was referring to this along with the unfavorable reliability factor....also reported.

    Since being bought out by the germans the brand has moved ahead in leaps and bounds!
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    So much wrong......2 of the 3 are thrilling as hell to drive (I'll never get Miura seat time), and they are just as reliable as cars Ferrari made in their respective lifetimes.

    If you want to go with liking modern cars better, OK, but don't discount cars you know nothing about in a real sense.
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    I wasn't saying Ferrari was any more reliable although I'm sure they are more reliable today.....with still some ways to go. And, If you think they are thrilling then that's totally awesome! No point reading things into something and getting all worked up - not necessary.
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    Myself , and most who have actually driven these wonderful icons for any length of time.
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    Why would he need to drive it? The car? Driving it? Meh. Give folks the cache that comes with owning it! (might as well be the ferrari mantra)

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