Cicada Ferrari for Indy

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    The stories of Ferrari at Indy are well known as limited. Ascari made a most serious attempt, while Farina's attempts were fruitless. The 1985 story is one now found easily in the museum.

    However in the mid-seventies Dan Murphy was involved with constructing a Cicada Indy-car with Ferrari 512 engine. It was mentioned to be a 512 S engine modified to 4 litres. A Cicada Ferrari was entered in some races from 1975 (Murphy and Bob Harkey tried to qualify for Indy 1975) however never clear if it truly existed and was raced, as mostly a Cicada was raced with Offenhauser engines. Later Walter Medlin may have owned this car.
    Anyone knows more on the Cicada Ferrari story, or engine (what car did it come from?), who were involved and also: were is this Cicada now?

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