Citroen hydraulics - Khamsin, Bora, early Merak, late Indy

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by thecarnut, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Well that's great Dave. Over the years a number of folks have had issues with those special Maserati only fittings leaking. It's been eons since I did this.

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    Most leaks are cause by overtighting the flare fittings and not the special adapters themselves. Best not to disturb the adapters as they are very brittle and will break even if you are careful (ask me how I know). On the body of the pressure regulator is a hex bleed nut that can be briefly opened while the engine is running to let trapped air escape. The bleed nut is opened with a 12mm wrench.
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    Hi Art---

    Perfect protocol.
    Love it.

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    My pleasure. One added step at the very end:
    - Bleed the brakes if they feel a bit soft or indicate the Low Pressure light..

    Mine felt 10% soft but didn't trigger the Low Pressure light to blink. I drove the Bora a couple of weeks, then decide to bleed the brakes and found just a bit of air. Now the brakes are 100%.

    - Art

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