Classic Maserati fitted Pirelli Cinturato CN12 tyres

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    In the 1950s Maser moved from the crossply Stella Bianca (which are being made again)
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    Then they went radial and started fitting the CA67 Cinturato on 16" wheels 185VR16 CA67 (expected back in stock, i hope January - might be march)

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    That previous bit hasnt been so tricky because the CA67 has sort of always been available, with the occasional gap in supply, but they did make a batch now and again. The Stella Bianca is new though which is exciting, and more sizes to come. the 550-16 for the front pof a 250F is not far off.

    In 1964 Pirelli developed the CN72, whith which they were able to make a 205 section tyre for super cars that had untill then all fitted 185 tyres, now they moved on to 15" wheels, and from 1964 through the rest of the 1960s Maserati fitted these

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    In the 1960s Maserati did not fit 215/70R15 tyres yet or XWX. they fitted the 205 section. Cars like the late Mistral, Sebring and the first of the Ghibli fitted 205R15 Pirelli CN72

    that is a 215/70R15 XWX on the left. its too small. that is why when these are fitted on a 1960s car the wheel arches look a little empty.

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    The in 1971-72 Maserati cars started to fit Pirelli Cinturato CN12

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    Oh and does anyone have a spare one of these?

    These type 26 2 seater GP cars are my favourite cars in the world ever! i wold happily give my left knacker for one of these. or just a drive. maybe someon has one that they would like me to race for them?

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    However that wasnt just a begging coment. we will soon have a set of proper 18" Stella Bianca tyres for one of these.

    Phwarr! just look at that!

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