Classiche Academy Driving the History in Italy

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    Watch the video! While I get that this is not for everyone, for those that appreciate the 308/550 and actually fit in these Ferrari, I cannot imagine a better experience than the event this package presents.
    You can talk to your Ferrari Dealership for more information , but I have included as much details as I could below. I also attached the actual brochure with photos and all.

    Enjoy the video either way:

    Driving a timeless masterpiece like a classic Ferrari is a pleasure that only a lucky few can enjoy, and this

    pleasure can now be further enhanced with in-depth knowledge of the vehicle and of the best driving
    techniques. With Ferrari Classiche Academy you’ll experience the driving of two car models that helped
    writing the illustrious history of the Prancing Horse: the 308 GTB and the 550 Maranello.
    Learn about the history of these masterpieces and understand the way they were designed and built by
    visiting the archive and the artisan workshop. Step into the world of events for vintage cars, through
    regularity rallies and training activities on track, and at your discretion, enjoy the driving sessions on your
    own classic Ferrari to conclude your historical experience into the Ferrari Classiche universe.
    The program develops over two days, where the theory part is backed up by an intense, dynamic activity

    on the track and steering pad, with the aim of uncovering all the secrets of driving manual transmission
    cars and providing the fundamentals for participating in time trials.

    Includes the following:

    Theoretical sessions at the workshop and the archive of Ferrari Classiche

    Driving sessions at the Fiorano track: 30 laps with instructor plus free practice
    Driving session on track with road book and pressostat/photocell
    Steering pad sessions
    5 cars available: 5 groups with a dedicated instructor each
    10 to 15 participants per day (the activity will be held only if a minimum of 10 participants
    will confirm their attendance at least two weeks before the arrival day)

    Dedicated activities for the companions


    From 4.00 pm
    Classiche Academy registration process
    at the hotel

    7.30 pm
    Shuttle bus to the restaurant

    8.00 pm
    Welcome dinner

    DAY 1

    09.00 am
    Shuttle bus to the factory

    09.15 - 10.00 am | FERRARI CLASSICHE DEPT.
    Walk around of a car on a lift

    10.00 - 11.00 am | SHOWROOM
    Theoretical session “Vehicle engineering principles”

    11.00 - 11.30 am | SHOWROOM
    Theoretical session “Driving safety criteria”

    12.00 - 01.00 pm | FIORANO TRACK
    Demo session + 1st driving session

    01:00 - 02:00 pm | FIORANO TRACK


    02.00 - 03.40 pm | FIORANO TRACK
    2nd and 3rd driving session

    03.40 - 04.00 pm | FIORANO TRACK
    Technical briefing

    04.00 - 05.00 pm | FIORANO TRACK
    Regularity driving session

    05.15 pm
    Shuttle bus to the hotel

    07.30 pm
    Shuttle bus to the dinner venue

    08.00 pm

    DAY 2

    09.15 am
    Shuttle bus to the factory

    09.30 - 10.00 am | FERRARI CLASSICHE DEPT
    Theoretical session on “The Ferrari Classiche:
    history, world and services”

    10.00 - 10.30 am | HISTORICAL ARCHIVE
    A journey through the original documents

    11.00 - 13.00 am | FIORANO TRACK
    4th and 5th driving session

    01:00 - 02:00 pm | FIORANO TRACK


    02.00 - 04.30 pm | FIORANO TRACK
    Skill tests and regularity training

    04.30 pm
    Certificate of attendance ceremony,
    conclusions and farewell

    05.00 pm
    Shuttle bus to the hotel


    17th arrival day 18th -19th March
    13th arrival day 14th -15th May
    08th arrival day 09th -10th June
    20th arrival day 21st -22nd July
    13th arrival day 14th -15th September

    The Cars:

    The Ferrari 308 GTB / 3.2 Mondial and the Ferrari

    550 Maranello will provide you with a unique
    opportunity to learn countless driving tips behind the
    wheel of classic sports car masterpieces.

    FERRARI 308 GTB (1975)

    FERRARI 3.2 MONDIAL (1980)

    These two renowned mid-engine Ferraris from
    the ‘70s and the ‘80s embody the characteristics
    that will help you become a skilled classic car
    driver, fully capable of mastering vehicles devoid
    of any electronic assistance.
    The cars’ naturally-aspirated V8 engine boasts

    two overhead camshafts per bank.
    The synchromesh 5-speed manual gearbox,

    coupled with a limited-slip differential, is perfect
    for learning how to manage manual transmissions.
    The rack and pinion steering has no servo-assistance.

    FERRARI 550 MARANELLO (1996)

    The 550 Maranello was Ferrari’s answer to those
    who believed the performance of a front-engine
    V12 car could not beat that of a mid-rear-engine
    sports car.
    Its naturally-aspirated 485-cv V12 engine features

    twin overhead camshafts per bank and dry sump
    lubrication. The front-engine, rear-wheel drive
    transaxle layout offers ideal weight balance. The
    car’s Servotronic power assisted steering varies

    the degree of assistance with road speed, being
    greatest at parking speeds and reducing as speed

    Thanks to Classiche Academy you will be put at the
    wheel of these wonderful cars to get a comprehensive
    insight on the world of classic Ferraris and the expertise
    needed to drive cars produced before electronic vehicle
    dynamic controls changed the way cars respond.
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    Thirteen and half thousand bucks suggests it may not be just the car types that limit its appeal !
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    Steve F

    Agreed, but then again, 6 owners have signed up in the last 48 hours , so it doesn't appear to limit everyone.

    For owners and enthusiast looking to do something unique that gets them back to the days before electronics and gadgets made drivers better than
    they really are.... I think the money is a mute point. The sound of the 550 at speed , the 308 drifting out of the curve...

    After all , almost all Corsa Pilota events are sold out, for about the same money, NOT in Italy, and does not include the " extras " that this event is offering.

    But I understand your point, this event isn't for everyone, I just thought I would put it out there in case there IS someone who would be interested in it, and didn't mind
    paying for the chance to drive someone else's car around a track in Italy!


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