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Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by alberto, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. alberto

    alberto Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Aug 25, 2001
    San Diego
    Full Name:
    I am interested in a car being sold by Fantasy Junction, located in the Bay Area (I am in San Diego). I want to give them a refundable deposit to hold the car until I can get up there to look at it (in a couple of weekends), but they will not take a credit card, only a check.

    Does anyone have any experience/dealings with those guys? Although I've been there once and they seemed like straight shooters, I am concerned about sending a check to them, which they can cash at more or less any point.

    Thanks for your comments.
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  3. G-force

    G-force F1 Rookie

    Aug 4, 2002
    so california
    Full Name:
    wayne skiles
    Think same people have owned it for years? If so I know they are ok.
  4. AMA328

    AMA328 F1 Rookie

    Nov 12, 2002
    ABQ-67me68-OKC :)
    I believe the owner's name is Bruce Trenery(sp?). He's been
    in the biz a -long- time, is a car nut, not just F-nut.
    He does advertise a bit, have seen ads pretty much everywhere
    at one time or another.

    I've never bought anything from him, but did look closely
    at a 308GT4 way back in 1987(my maiden voyage into
    Ferrari land). Ended up going with a 308GTB instead.
    He's been in two or three locations that i've know of, last
    time i stopped by(couple yrs ago), he was across the
    street from that famous special effects movie house
    (is it 'Industrial Light & Magic?? forgot name off top of my head) there in Berkely.

    My read on the guy is that he's probably a straight shooter,
    but as always, is best to have done your homework before
    you shop. :)
  5. lmpdesigner

    lmpdesigner Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Nov 5, 2003
    Atlanta Georgia
    Full Name:
    Brian Willis
    I bought my first Ferrari from them over 15 years ago (A 308GT4 that I still own.) and nearly bought a Ralt RT4 Atlantic car from them recently. (I screwed up- I should have bought it!) I have looked at cars and been by their shop a fair bit and they have always been good to me. I think they are good folks-It is always hard when it comes to money/deposits, etc, but I would think you are okay. These guys have been around for a long time.

    Brian Willis
  6. Old Guy

    Old Guy Formula Junior

    Dec 1, 2003
    No longer here
    Bruce Trenery's experience with Ferraris and exotics goes back to the late '70s in my own experience, and he's always had a good reputation. I've had a few dealings with him (have not bought a car, though) and would trust him completely.
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  8. alberto

    alberto Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Aug 25, 2001
    San Diego
    Full Name:
    Thanks for your comments guys. I will let you know how it goes.

  9. ntingle

    ntingle Karting

    Nov 1, 2003
    Los Gatos, CA
    Full Name:
    Nick Tingle
    I bought a 328 GTS from Bruce at Fantasy Junction 9 years ago. No problems at all, great to deal with.
  10. lukek

    lukek Formula 3

    May 2, 2003
    San Francisco
    Full Name:
    never bought a car from them, but they have an excellent local reputation. They seem to start out with reasonable prices and that gets them volume. Bruce once tried to find a car, very nice to deal with. I am near the SFO airport, so PM me if you want some local assistance.

  11. AMA328

    AMA328 F1 Rookie

    Nov 12, 2002
    ABQ-67me68-OKC :)
    was the 308GT4 you bought from FJ by chance chocolate brown exterior with a tan(?) interior??
    Back around 1987, when scoping out my first Fcar, ended
    up in FJ's shop(different location then), he had a very nice
    little brown 308GT4 that i thought long and hard about...
    eventually passed, got a Rubino(maroon) 308GTB out of
    Dallas...often thought maybe i shoulda bought the GT4 :)
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  13. winston

    winston Karting

    Nov 3, 2003
    Full Name:
    Bruce is honest and real car guy. you will be in good hands. A visit is a worthwhile trip through automotive history.

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