Common/Repeated Problems on 599?

Discussion in '612/599' started by 599ing, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Mor

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    Oct 14, 2017
    Today received an info about instrument cluster from Autotronics in UK. The main board fault. Repair costs 1300 GPB. Sometimes I don’t understand this car. No such a problem with my Porsches for many times.

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    May 18, 2013
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    Mine is a 2007. I purchased it in 2013 and am the second owner. Car has about 19K miles on it. Nothing much until this year and it's been an expensive one:
    Replace L/R wheel bearing and tie rods
    Leaking valve covers, so new valve cover gaskets.
    Have had radiator hoses go on it twice. So now in shop replacing all the hoses. I guess after 10 years, the rubber goes. Should have replaced all of them when the first one went.
    Also in the last year, my rubber buttons have started going sticky. Need to deal with those at some point.

  3. Da Butcher

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    Jan 9, 2018
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    Jose Marie Alandy
    Regarding the TFT display of Ferrari 599 and other models losing clarity due to electronic failure, this problem can happen but there is a source in Costa Mesa CA who can refurbish it for less than $2k; much less than cost of full replacement for $12k out of warranty.

    BTW, this same TFT problem has occurred on Porsches too, at least on those models that feature them. The TFT display (motherboard) on my '06 Cayenne Turbo S has been refurbished.
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    You guys are scaring the hell out of me.
    The next car on my list was a 599 or 430 Scud.
    One would assume for 300K+ in its day Ferrari would have had all the bugs figured out especially in the later models.
    My Porsche GT2 has been almost idiot proof.
  5. Da Butcher

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    Jan 9, 2018
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    Jose Marie Alandy

    This TFT display problem does not occur on every 599 as far as I’ve heard. It’s a problem that may crop up with early (mid 2000’s) TFT displays featured even in Porsche’s; like I said my ‘06 Cayenne Turbo S suffered from it and according to my Porsche Service advisor, other higher end models including 911 Turbos and Panameras have similar TFT issues.

    All I’m saying in my earlier post is that if it does occur on an out-of-warranty car, a less expensive (90% less) aftermarket fix is available.

    BTW, even now I’ve got a 599, I still like a Scuderia. As a former aerospace Design Engineer and artist, I believe the Scud is the most beautiful modern Ferrari sports
    car design. A friend owned an all white and black and it was simply marvelous back in ‘08. He eventually sold it and it went to Floyd Mayweather.

    The 599 is the most classically beautiful and voluptuous modern Ferrari GT by Carosseria Pininfarina. I’m not too enamored with the recent Ferraris designed under Flavio Manzoni’s lead. The new Portofino’s front looks too much like a Camaro’s!
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  7. Kevin Borley

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    Oct 19, 2017
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    Kevin Borley

    Try a company called Cluster Repairs UK Ltd ( They repair Ferrari display but I also spoke to them recently as I had an alarm sensor failure in the interior roof module and they were willing to look at that as well and estimated a cost of ~£150 to repair. Ferrari wanted £900!! for a new part.

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