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    I just wanted to elaborate a little on my impressions of the latest Concorso Arizona. I need to really compliment the organizers and volunteers for a job well done. I thought the organization was indeed impeccable.

    • The parking spaces were pre-assigned and labeled which made the whole parking saga a breeze.
    • The scoring and tabulation forms were pre-printed and groups were pre-selected (we ended up moving a few cars around based on preferences but that was easy).
    • The food was excellent and very well coordinated
    • The cars (as usual) were awesome.
    • The show was a sellout (all of the allocated spots were taken)

    All of these were improvements or things that worked in previous years that were carried forward (as they should have been). What was missing though was the “rest of the crew” (you know who you are) – I missed not having you there to share a few laughs, friendship and a passion for these wonderful works of art. Maybe next time…

    Cheers -

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    I was very happy with the outcome of the show too. Thank you for your involvement and dedication. Yes, the show could have been even more spectacular with the rest of the crew. Perhaps they'll come next year. It was nice to see Alex P. & Terry D. stop by - they each praised the show!

    Allen Faulkner
    2008 Concorso Arizona Chairman
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    The size of Concorso Arizona has always been dictated by the Venue. In 2005, the event was also held at el Pedregal. Cars were packed in and we did not allow the two large show trailers (Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and Ferrari F30 Challenge Team). Those two trailers alone covered the space of 25 cars. We tried to offer a bit of spaciousness for the crowd and more room to view cars. In 2007 we were at the Tempe Diablo Stadium and the space was big, but it wasn't quite the atmosphere we were looking for. Also, this year, we have worked more towards being a formal Concorso which means a balance of all marques. We had an outstanding showing from Lamborghini this year as well as Pantera to compliment the Ferrari cars.

    There were "many" signups after deadline and we couldn't let them all in as the team took great care to layout the cars, sponsor tents, silent auction tent and eating areas on maps that helped the volunteers to smoothly accommodate the car entrants when they showed up, and they
    did a knockout job because of all the coordination this year.

    Next year, the count of cars will again be dictated by the venue and Concorso Arizona is seeking a larger venue.


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    Thank you SO much for the compliment. Dave, Tyler, Rick, Allen, Patrick and myself are very proud of the event and did work quite hard for many months. I have to give extra kudos to Dave for his exceptional organizational skills which were a big part of the delivery in areas you mentioned such as printed material, space details, etc. Patrick did a PHENOMENAL JOB on the website, the posters and together with Stephanie, the T-shirts he designed were a huge success. This was the first year Concorso Arizona had active volunteers from a charity. We supported ChildHelp USA in 2005 and Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix last year as well. This year, we had the most wonderful, personable people selling tickets, directing cars and traffic. They were just really cool people that seemed to dig being around the cars as much as we all do, if not more since it's not routine for them. It's fun to see the look on someone's face who has never been in the middle of our world,watching their first glimpse of an Enzo or an F40. I hope someone has shots of spectators too, those are priceless. The food provided by el Pedregal/The Boulders was wonderful and their service staff was great. We'd be nothing without each and every sponsor, judge, entrant and spectator who participated, thank you everyone, you're awesome!

    I've got a lot of PR coverage already and more to come, I'll post all the links soon. Here's another from, a New York Times Company:


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