Confusing 1:43 Hot-wheels strategy

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    Hi all,

    Ive been enjoying reading all the posts in this forum for the last year, thought I would start a thread of my own.

    I am currently collecting the IXO released La Storia set now up to 21 models (having previously attempted the Vitesse and Hot-wheels non-starters) on the bottom of each box it says 'licensed by hot-wheels' or similar.

    So I was a little confused when Hot-wheels themselves started bringing out 1:43 Ferrari F1 models seemingly without a pattern as to which years they had chosen. What do people think of this? Surely IXO aren't too happy about it and I am obviously starting to wonder whether for the 3rd time the la storia collection will be scuppered.

    As a side note has anyone compared the 2, I haven't bought any of the new Hot-wheels, looking at pictures if anything they look nicer than the IXO ones but am loathed to start buying again as in some case I would soon be approaching 4 1:43 versions of the same car/driver/race!

    I would have much preferred it if Hot-wheels had left IXO alone to get on with their series and started producing good quality 1:18 editions of older ferrari's for example 156/85, 126CK, 553, 312F1, 312B3, F92A, 312T3

    Appreciate other peeps views :)
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    I don't understand it as well. Hot Wheels use Ixo's forms and duplicate the models from Ixo. But now, some of the models are made from Hot Wheels first and Hot Wheels is now quicker in publishing of the new models... It's possible that finishing the Ixo line will take 5 years, I'm afraid. If they'll finish it...

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