Corso is Back in August.

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    Tom Spiro
    Ok so after talking to Buckhead Atlanta, we have agreed that we want to restart the "Corso" Ferrari's and Cappuchino's on the Last Saturday of each month.

    So for now here is the change - we'll be having it at the parking lot down the street from Fado's across from the Aarons rents building... so this is not as sexy but for now its the best we can do. Since Shake shack is doing to go ordering they need Boling way ( hill between shake shack and Davidoff..) City of Atlanta is not granting any street closures because they don't want any crowds.

    So we are going to be in the parking lot, cars need to be 6" apart - all participants must have a mask on. we are limited to no more than 50 people total at one time in the designated area.

    good news is that the space is pretty big, so having room is not a problem. we're working if we can get the space next to the buckhead library but more to come on that.

    so whenever COVID is done - I hope we can return to the Center Plaza as everyone likes that location. I'm hoping we'll have some refreshments etc... for August. so August 29, 2020 - a Return to Corso !
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    Great to hear Tom. Looking forward to seeing everyone. My rebuild is finally complete, so I will be able to bring it to this first event back.
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    Jim Pernikoff
    And the following weekend - Labor Day - there will now be a second IMSA sports car race - a sprint race this time - at Road Atlanta!

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