Corvettes whilst driving my 360

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Husker, Dec 25, 2020.


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    Hey Mike no unfortunately I do not have pictures of the 300ZX twin turbo which was black ... now the Viper is still in my garage on the lift don't drive it much anymore but sure like to look at it ...
    I think you have seen pictures before .. blue with white stripes.
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  3. Eric R

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    Eric R.
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    Wow! The same can be said for a lot of Fcar owners who buy the cheapest one they can afford just to say they have one. Same with Porsche owners who think their crap doesn't stink. I have owned many Corvettes and have never been accused of being a tightwad or cheapskate while I am covering someone's tab in our group when they took off in their fcar to go home and never brought it up.

    As for who has the fastest car, that is silly. It takes someone willing to really get after it in an $$$ late model Ferrari to keep up or beat the C6/C7/C8 vettes and most owners of those owners are not willing to do it or lack the ability. There are more vette owners that track their cars than Fcar owners.
  4. Stams

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    I have a Corsa 458 in a world of Audis, Pcars, vettes and mustangs so I do stick out a little bit when I am out. McLaren dealer is just a few miles down the road so they are about as well.

    By far the most common thing is that of thumbs up, waves, positive types of responses.

    When I do get at a stop light some people do rev and act a little silly but I take that as a compliment. Ferraris are rare around here and I get it.

    On the freeway I have had some odd people get close. But I just slow way down and tuck into the right lane and they either take their pictures or they “win” as they go by.

    I don’t want to race anyone and don’t care if I get beat. That is not what she is for. I feel most people are just competitive and car lovers and want to tell their friends a Ferrari story. Some want to say they saw one and some want to say they raced one. I take that as a compliment for my car so to me, I feel that we all win.

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    Robert Phillips
    My favorite Corvette story did not involve my Ferrari, although I did have an encounter on my 1964 cross country trip. In 1977 I took my Mini Moke to a Corvette Club sponsored autocross in the large parking lot of Military Circle in Virginia Beach. Lots of loud V-8 sounds and smell of burning rubber in the air. At the end of the day I had recorded the fastest time of day (FTD) and as I picked up my trophy, the president of the Corvette club told me I was no longer welcome at any of their events. Loads of fun for a $1,200 investment!

    Best regards,


    At a Pennsylvania Hillclimb in 1974
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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    Great story. Was that by chance at the Duryea Drive Hillclimb up to the Pagoda in Reading, PA? If so that is around 20 minutes from my home if I make all of the lights.
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  8. Admiral Goodwrench

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    Mar 2, 2005
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    Robert Phillips
    Dear Don,

    That particular shot was at the 1974 Weatherly Hillclimb. I have run both Duryea and Pagoda which basically are the same course. Without further hijacking this thread you can read more at: The third shot in that article is at Duryea in the rain.

    Best regards,

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  9. joeyfrost

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    Dec 28, 2018
    Thats awesome im still prepping for that climb im a first timer. I have a mark 6 golf r tuned up getting ready for weatherly. Any tips? I cant wait for the jump. I think it was turn 6?

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    Jim E

    Has thou moved to the United Kindom old chap? :p
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  11. Admiral Goodwrench

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    Robert Phillips
    Not much help from a run 46 years ago, however remember that hillclimbing is a race against the clock. The clock knows when you have braked too soon or missed an apex. It is not just one turn taken perfectly but all turns taken the best you can. Make certain your memory is on full record mode on your first run. The jump is only one challenge on the way up, every turn needs to be just right. Concentrate every second, forget the crowds, no waves. After the finish time is when you smile and relax.

    Best regards,

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  13. SCEye

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    Aug 28, 2009
    Norcal - Peninsula
    came to this thread late.
    while there may be some Vette drivers who tried to egg on the Ferrari drivers, I suspect most are just like the members here, petrolheads - they appreciate all makes and models.
    Let's not generalize about drivers of a certain brand/make/model.
    I think I may have heard certain generalization about Ferrari owners....
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  14. MidnightRun

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    Nov 4, 2006
    So Cal
    Every day we're given opportunities to create little heavens and little hells. Why chose the latter? Next time you encounter a situation like this, be gracious. Give a compliment; tell the other diver that his car makes great noise and ask about his engine. Compliment the color of the car. Find something nice to say. You'll be surprised how much a single compliment can not only transform a situation, but also the world's perception. Don't know about you, but I'd much rather have the world regard Ferrari owners with admiration than hatred.
  15. David Nolen

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    Aug 15, 2019
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    David Nolen
    My favorite thing to do was many years ago when I had a DeTomaso Pantera. The Corvettes, Mustangs, etc. would rev their engines at the light and I would return the favor with the very loud Pantera exhaust. When the light turned, they would rocket off and I would just leisurely cruise along. People were the rudest when I had a Lambo Countach, as even police would get way too close to get a look. I never actually raced anyone, especially in my Ferraris. None of them were stoplight burners. I was too careful with them.
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  16. amenasce

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    Joe Mansion
    Also, enjoy the revving while it last. In 5/10 years, who knows how many cars will be able to rev at all.
  17. Patrick 360

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    Around where I drive, seeing a Ferrari is VERY rare and most people are very respectful and give me a thumbs up or say "I like your car". I usually wave and say thank you, have had a couple of loud Honda's rev going by but that is rare. I usually cannot go to the gas station without spending 20 to 30 minutes talking to people (all so far have been very friendly and usually just want a picture) I have even put a few kids in the car so their parents can take their picture (only if they are not acting crazy or something like that) in it and I know it just made their day plus they will be smiling for a week. Some people have been surprised or even shocked that I am a nice guy and not a jerk (I had one guy tell me he thought I was going to be a snob when he asked about the car). So far Ferrari ownership has been a very positive experience for me.
  18. Ferrari1221

    Ferrari1221 Karting

    Jan 14, 2017
    I am both a Ferrari F430 Spider owner, Corvette C6 Z06, and Mercedes SL63 owner. I am not bragging here as I know there are plenty of people who have tons more money and cars in their collection. I only point out these vehicles, because I find it interesting the reactions my fellow Ferrari owners have experienced. Since the original comment was about Corvette drivers and I am one of them I thought I would share my experiences in these cars.

    First the Corvette. When I originally bought the car I used to get challenged all the time by guys on Sport Bikes going crazy on the freeway as they saw me approaching, it was like a crazy pill generator. It was annoyingly predictable. Long ago I rode a sport bike too, so I have sympathy for them. I remember once riding my sport bike some guys pulled up next to me in their Toyota and encouraged me with hand gestures to pull a wheely. I didn’t give in. Well in the Corvette the craziness has died down, but if I happen to stop at a light I still get the occasional “Do a burn out!” Which I say, “No, tires too expensive to burn up”. I don’t give in to this nonsense, though I try to be kind and respectful. For the most part I have found Respect from others and I appreciate we are all car enthusiasts and I too was once young and did questionable things so I give people a pass. I once stopped on the side of the road where I saw a group of Mustang owners parked enjoying their afternoon on Route 66. They were all kids in their early twenties and they came over to share their enthusiasm for my Corvette, very nice kids. They hinted of a challenge race but could see by my demeanor I would not entertain such ideas.

    In my Ferrari F430 I get nice comments as well. I always try to represent our Ferrari Community by being humble and sharing. When people approach me, if I pull out at a stop to see the view, they have always been polite and asked if they could take pictures and or look at the car. I tell them enthusiastically, “Yes take as many pictures as you like, just don’t touch, and if you have any questions let me know I would be happy to answer them!” It was not long ago when I remember not being able to afford a Ferrari so I understand the enthusiasm and try and share it as much as I can. Yes I do get the occasional Racer boy in his Japanese Car, but I just let them win, or sit at a slow speed until they get bored and move on.

    In my Mercedes I still get Challenged, especially by Dodge Demon owners and Camaro ZL1 owners, it has happened a half dozen times by these cars so I no longer think it is a coincidence. These cars have much more HP than my Mercedes so they know they can win. I think that is why? But interestingly enough no Challenges in the Ferrari.

    In the end we are all car enthusiasts no matter what we drive. What I hope for is that being the fortunate Ferrari owners we are we never forget the days where we dreamed of owning them and that we should set a good example by being kind and sharing. I know, it is not always easy. I remember a guy in his Toyota Pickup raised, purposely driving in front of my Ferrari racing his motor while his wheels spit dirt in the air. I had a few choice words for him. He claimed I didn’t own the car, asking where I got the loaner LoL. I think I would have been fine if he raced his truck, but when he purposefully crossed in front of me as I was minding my own business I was upset of all the dirt he threw in the air and saw him as doing this on purpose. So it is not always easy. But these jerks are rare in my experience.
  19. GTS Bruce

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    Bruce Roche
    Racing takes place on race tracks. People rev up and I match and then trundle off. F cars(Ferrari) are works of art and the top of the technical heap when released. That said most older cars like a 360 are so outdated that modern sedans and PU trucks run circles around them while they are still expensive to buy, and maintain. The people challenging you consider you to be a moron or idiot with more money than brains. You have a piece of automative art and they have a FAST car that will bury you. The choice is yours. Easier if you are an old bastad like myself (70). Classic and slow outdated or modern and fast? Sold my 575 and my C8 will be here by spring, On the list for a ZR1. Skipping the Z06 and waiting for the ZR1 with 800-850 HP. Not onterested in the Zora hybrid awd either with 950-1000 HP. At 70 getting too old for 1000 HP even if it starts at less than $150G
  20. KC360 FL

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    I think most folks only want to go back and brag to their buddies that they "took" a Ferrari. The thing about it is... it's kinda funny since that is still kinda saying I wish I had one but at least I'm faster than one-- any one. Even one that is over 20 years old. What's even funnier to me is that even if I indulged them (which I never do) and they buried me--- do they think I'm saying to myself "wow I have to sell this Ferrari and get me one of those souped up Mustangs (or Corvette, or BMW, or...) yeah, right.

    I ignore them all. I've been on the track with my 911 in the past. Not interested in racing on the street. Will I open it up in the dead of night when I'm alone with nobody around for as far as I can see?
    Hell yes. I still enjoy driving my car. I just don't have any desire to prove anything to anybody.
  21. Alex308qv

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    Jul 1, 2016
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    Like some others have said, this hasn't happened to me yet, but then again I am not cruising around in places where street racers are active. It might be because of my age, or the age of my Ferrari (36). or the fact that it's a conservative color (grigio), but all I get are positive respectful looks/comments, if anything.
  22. ross

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    the reactions depend on which car i am in.
    the old stuff usually garners thumbs up and questions.
    the 430 just seems like a red rag to a bull - everybody wants to show me how fast their cars are - on sunday i was just tolling around doing some errands and was at a left turning light, and a new merc cls monster came roaring past so fast that if anybody would have made a wrong move there would have been a major crash and deaths - just stupid.
    i almost never do anything except smile and wave.

    i did once respond to a mustang revving next to me in the cs....let him finish, and then switched into 'race' and whooped it over 4k rpm and blew him away - pedestrians waiting to cross the road started clapping.
    i was embarrassed for him. ah the small victories..... ;)
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  23. Stevenlhorowitz

    Jun 27, 2016
    The funny thing is that if a Tesla is next to me in my 360 F1 Spider, he cannot rev anything up, but he can easily beat out any Ferrari off the line.
  24. Jhobrien

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    Sep 10, 2018
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    J O’Brien
    Because there is no defense against stupidity
  25. Nospinzone

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  26. ginoBBi512

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    Oct 9, 2016

    Yes I agree, most of the time folks want to grab my attention to say how much they like my car, and that feels good, and yes your right , we can all use and give more kindness in this world.

    Thank you
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  27. Karrnutt

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    May 19, 2020
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    Wayne Peterson
    Ok, I have to say I have been on both sides of this conversation. In the 1960's I has a stoplight racer, and yes it was stupid, but I was stupid too, also darn lucky, so of my classmates were not and never saw the 1970s. My last "race" was in an Excalibur Series II, with my young children in the car against a 911. Yes I beat him, but when I looked at my kids, I realized what an idiot I was! No more races. Now that I have my 308 (in yellow no less), I gets a ton of attention, 2 days after getting her I was filling up when a young man walks up and says; "Excuse me sir, I just had to tell you that I think that's the most beautiful car I have ever seen!" Heck, having him call me "sir" alone made my day! But such praise for my ride, was way better than any "drag race." Carpe Diem my friends.
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  28. ginoBBi512

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    Oct 9, 2016
    Got to love the 308 / 328 machines, even up to today, they can go toe to toe when it comes to design with any modern F car , or anything else for that matter. Thank God for Enzo Ferrari, its as if he had me in mind when he started his incredible car company. I love Ferrari, its in my blood, Ferraris invoke a passion in me, thats only somewhat matched in my love for motorcycles, Italian, as well as so many other manufacturers. I love beautiful woman, but not as much as I love

    Thank you
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