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    At last ... your comments seemed like a cheap campaign speech to me.

    All in my opinion only of course.
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    Lets cool down.

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    I have appreciated your calm, rationale, positive comments and applaud your career of service. I have spent the past 25 years treating skin cancer.

    My thoughts? In times of panic like these, we need clear, rationale thinkers who remain calm in the face of nerve-wracking fear. Like a pilot (Sullenberger?), ship captain, astronaut, etc, in the midst of a crisis. There is little to gain from panic and doom-and-gloom. Respect for the fallen, sure. But not defeatist panic.

    My aunt entered pediatric hematology-oncology in 1966 - a year before my birth. At that time, the survival rate for childhood leukemia was around 10%. By the time she retired a few years ago, the survival rate was 90%. During her nearly 50-year career, she and her colleagues (along with the Federal government and Big Pharma) literally flipped the mortality and survival rate. I often marveled at how she maintained such optimism for so long in the face of overwhelming suffering and sadness. She’s one of my heroes.

    The curent CV challenge won’t last anywhere near as long, I suspect. In the meantime, let’s please not panic but work calmly and confidently together to defeat the latest in a long list of challenges in our history. I believe in ingenuity. I believe in people. This too shall pass.
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    My thoughts are this: China cares about China. They care about the Party. They care about the economy. They don't really care about the people so long as it doesn't backfire on the Party.

    The fact that China shut down practically the entire economy for that long and imposed such strict quarantines shows how serious it was. China isn't full of idiots. China has doctors and scientists just as capable as those in the US or Italy or anywhere else in the world. You can bet your ass the politburo brought in all the brightest minds when making decisions like this. You can bet your ass that if they are opening the economy back up and removing the quarantine on Wuhan it's because they think they have it under control.

    I always thought it was serious, but I had mistakenly thought it was contained in China for the most part. I did not expect it to get out all over the world like it has. Europe hasn't done anything even close to what China did in Wuhan/Hubei. Italy's quarantine wasn't anything like China's. My friend lives in northern Italy and has been in the quarantine zone for a while now. He said the people don't follow the rules. He said the quarantine was barely even a quarantine. It was quieter outside and that was about it. People still gathered though, used public transit, went outside, went to work, etc. Even a Chinese specialist sent to Italy to help told them that they weren't quarantining enough to stop it. It was too loose.

    So here we are now. Italy, a country with 60M people will have just as many if not more cases than Wuhan. Europe, a region with half as many people as China will not have vastly more cases. I don't know how long this is all going to last, but I really hope it doesn't last more than a few weeks because this is going to be economically devastating otherwise.
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    Jason Berkeley
    I went out joy riding on Sunday to kill the boredom in the straight-piped 348 Challenge. First drive of the year in it since getting it back from Tommy at P1 Motorsports in Stamford, CT for it's annual service. Put a big smile on my face at a time when its getting harder to have a big smile!
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    When you push that little "RED" button or turn that F-car key.....Life seems normal for again!! If only for a short while...nonetheless its worth it...
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    Jun 8, 2009
    You have to take your F-car to Kroger to get groceries to prove it is essential travel :)
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    Phill J
    Wow! - Real World problems:

    "Never mind that people are dying from an easily spread virus - I can't drive my Ferrari!" :rolleyes:
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    Apr 5, 2018
    I’ve taken a new approach to “social distancing”. Unfollowing, unliking, or unsubscribing to people and sites that are using their platform to further their socialist beliefs, connecting with like minded people, and ignoring the rest. Much happier.

    I followed some pages to see the content it was based on. Not their political message.
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  10. IloveGT

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    Oct 17, 2015
    If anyone is truly interested in helping us to help you further down the line in the hospitals, what we need the most are facemasks, protective gears, etc. Talk to your local officials and see how you can help your local hospitals. We are in this mess together, regardless of whether you stay at home or not.

    By the way, please don't hoard and panic buying. Having thousands of toilet paper won't help anyone but only induce more public hysteria down the road, and more people would feel the urge to go out and get themselves exposed unnecessarily.
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  11. Astrid.Didier

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    Nov 8, 2019
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  12. LVP488

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    Jan 21, 2017
    These number are certainly informative but they do not show the full picture - the number of cases is highly dependent on the applied testing policy , since it's generally accepted that many infected people could have no symptom at all, or very light disease. In France for instance the testing is almost strictly limited to people presenting serious symptoms, which drastically limits the reported cases number. The actual number of cases would however be useful to know how the epidemy spreads, which would help to understand the real fatality proportion.
    In the graph, France and Italy seem to be on a similar path (France is only a few weeks behind Italy) but when comparing to Germany it's not easy to interpret: Germany has more cases than France but far less deaths - it could be that Germany is far more efficient to fight the virus, but it could also be that they actually still have far less cases (since they have more extensive testing, they report more cases) - so they could (hopefully they're not) be on a similar path as Italy and France, but just delayed by some more weeks (and of course it could also be any intermediate situation, like better efficiency AND earlier epidemic situation).
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    I was also intrigued why was that and read what some specialists said about Germany’s low Covid-19 fatality rate. Germany when compared with the majority of countries in Europe, has the ability to test early and often. They’ve been testing around 120.000 people per week for Covid-19 from late February to now when it’s reached pandemic proportions. Germany has the most extensive testing regimen in the world.
    The reason why Germany is testing so much is because the country doesn’t have a centralized diagnostic system in the form of a public health laboratory that restricts other labs from doing tests. The German system is equivalent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. German 16 federal states make their own decisions on coronavirus testing because each of them is responsible for their own health care systems.
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    I wish the mods would shut this thread down. It’s becoming a soapbox for political ravings that seem counter to the goals of this forum
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    My thoughts exactly.
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  16. Il Co-Pilota

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    May 29, 2019
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    Trolling keyboard warriors always end up ruining a good thread.

    I'm done.
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    Scott S
    Back to cars

    Any word from Italy on their status in terms of covid19 and what is going on with commerce?

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    Andrew Roberts
    Factory hoping to start up again 14 April.
    Fingers crossed on all counts.
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    I applaud his democratic right to rant, and I just exercised my right to add him to the Ignore / Block list.
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  21. Astrid.Didier

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    Nov 8, 2019
    No, it's ONLY because Germans have very strong genes, the Corona-Virus can be easily beaten by those incredible genes!
  22. Astrid.Didier

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    Nov 8, 2019
    A hopeless hope!!!
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    The world will never be the same again! lots of young professionals lost their jobs because of the Corona-Virus crisis and it seems many will never be able to work again, some industries will never re-open and it seems it will be there for many many years ! The Corona-Virus ended some careers forever!
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    Yes, where are the mods? This thread has definitely gone P&R and there may be a troll or two stirring the pot.

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