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    Crescent Classic is less than three months away and it will soon be time to close registration as space, as always is limited.

    Alumni should have received an email on June 17th confirming that their space is guaranteed until July 1st. If you did not receive your confirmation please contact me.

    Open registration will be available between July 1st and August 1st on a space available basis. A late registration fee will charged on registrations received after July 15th.

    Okay enough with the rules!

    Thursday is our welcome and cocktail party sponsored by Bentley and St Louis Motorsports, Graham Hill and J.J. Mills will return with friendship and a selection of new Bentley's and Lamborghini's.

    I have been to Eureka Springs every few weeks and have driven Friday's Tour Route for 7 months, it is just incredible! I cant wait to watch the cars wind through the mountains on Friday!

    Saturday morning is our drive to War Eagle Mill sponsored by Rob Lay and Ferrarichat, Saturday evening is our dinner and concert in a very rustic country barn, complete with a live band and ALL attendees in big smith bibs!

    Sunday morning we have an Formula One watching party and brunch!

    Get registered and meet us in Eureka Springs!

    See you soon!

    Chris Parr

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