Cuba...anyone been?

Discussion in 'Hawaii' started by renman95, Feb 24, 2018.

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    In a few days Mrs. renman95 and I are cruising around the island with stops in Havana and Cienfuegos. It's a last minute deal because the original trip was cancelled last week! So we jumped through hoops trying to find something that would fit w/i our airline ticket window. It's a so-so cruise when compared to the original...which was two days in Havana, one in Santiago, and one in Cienfuegos. It was on a Greek ship that was all inclusive and sailed out of Montego Bay.

    My bucket list, as it were, is to have a Montecristo No. 2 or similar in one of Havana's Casa del Habanos with a little Havana Club rum. My wife is a photographer and is excited about the capturing the old American cars and dilapidated buildings.

    I'm looking forward to the trip, not the flight though. It's a long haul.
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    You'll like Havana and Cienfuegos, for the cigar and drink dream. The wife will enjoy the photo ops. Just be careful taking pictures of police and government buildings. Cubans are still touchy about those pictures! Airports included.
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    Did you ever go on this trip? How was it?
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    No but I've had it up to here with girls I know posting facebook pictures of themselves in resprayed rust bucket "classic cars" down there and bragging that "this car was driven by Kim Kardashian when she visited". LOL
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    The good part is that you have the cruise ship to return to. Takes a lot of the risk and hassle out of trying to get a good hotel in Cuba.
  6. Royal Caribbean sends me info on the Cuba cruise. Looks tempting.

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