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Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by rob lay, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Rob Lay
    Well, my first digi I got about 2-3 years ago started having problems a couple months ago. I have the Sony DSC-P5. The battery only started lasting about 30% as before. I tried two other batteries as I thought that was the prob, but still same probs. Actually, the camera got worse. If the flash was on the camera would shut off and freeze. I couldn't even get the camera to turn back on to close the lens. It would work again with the power line, so I do think it was something with the camera circuits to the battery, but not the batteries.

    I of course can't go without a digi, so 1 month ago I bought a Sony DSC-T1. This camera rocks! 5 mega pixel and it's smaller than a deck of cards.

    My question is if it's worth it to get the DSC-P5 fixed? Is it unfixable or if it would cost more than $100, I doubt it would be worth it. Where would I take it?

    I've had such bad luck with high tech electrical devices that run on batteries. Seems like right at 2-4 years they just stop working, I swear they design them to only last that long so you have to buy another one like I did. My cell phone, digi camera, and digi camcorder have all had electrical problems.

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles Rob. The T1 is a nice camera. I was looking at that but finally decided I may order the Elph S500 canon.

    However if you can't fix it and want to sell it cheap, I will take it off your hands. I have gone without a camera all these years, and a used one might not be a bad idea. :)

    I do agree on your theory that they design to not last long. My home cordless phone needs to be replaced every 2-3 years because the battery can't keep charge anymore, makes me :mad:

    I have had good luck with cellphones though, since I have the old skool 3390 or whatever. It is the 4 lb one.
  4. richard_wallace

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    Richard Wallace
    I am with you Rob - I have been through about 3 now... Usually after 2 batteries wear down (not holding charge) - the camera seems to do the same - most of mine last 2 years... However with the technology changing so fast - this is about my upgrade timing... Honestly, I would put it on e-bay with the problem listed - you might get a little for it - people will buy them to fix, or part. The problem with getting it fixed - which you can send it to Sony - depending on the problem - you might spend more to get it fixed than you think it is worth... Might want to give Sony Tech a call - they may know what the problem is... ( Go to digital imaging section - you can do online support or go to contact sony... (should be a number in there somewhere.)

    The other thing you can do - if you bought the old one with Amex Gold/Platinum or Visa - sometimes you will find that with these cards you get and extended warranty... The other thing to consider - since you take a lot of shots - you might want to buy and extended warranty for the camera... I typically never do this - because it usually is not worth it - but on things like digital cameras, some of the high-end MP3 players - and Tivo's I do (I have had 3 tivos crap out after the 1 year warranty runs out - and that get's me a new unit - usually upgraded to the current model.

    Just some thoughts,

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