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Discussion in 'Creative Arts' started by sduke, Jan 16, 2004.

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  1. sduke

    sduke Formula Junior

    Mar 10, 2003
    The Hub City, Texas
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    Steven D
    Has anyone had much experience with Digital SLR's. I am interested in the Nikon D100. The Canon seems to have a big following but I like the idea of being able to use the huge selection of Nikon compatible lenses.

    I am an experienced amatuer with almost all of my experience coming in Canon AE series film cameras.

    Any suggestions?
  2. enjoythemusic

    enjoythemusic F1 World Champ

    Apr 20, 2002
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  3. writerguy

    writerguy F1 Veteran

    Sep 30, 2003
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    Just retired the AE-1 program and sunk big into NIKON D-100 Very Very happy with it, If you are looking for a good camera and you have some of the more modern lenses from Cannon go take a look at the Digital Rebel, Great for the price.
    The D-100 gives me the flexability to do what I do for a living but it may be more than you need. Depends on what you want to use the images for.
    In RAW camera format I can pull 20 x 17 inch images with 300+ dpi, but firing time to write to disk is somewhat limiting, Lower res runs VERY FAST and have had no issues
    With a 1 gig Flash card I can only shoot around 100 images on tops but lower image quality the total content will excede 1000.
    64mg is a joke 500 is the smalllest 1 gig is nice and stable.
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  4. Greg G

    Greg G F1 Rookie

    I have the Minolta Dimage 7 - takes killer photos (5.2mp). My only complaints is that it can be cumbersome (too large) at times, and it eats batteries like a mofo. Luckily Brother Bruce set me up with several sets of rechargable AAs, but still a pain keeping track.
  5. AEHaas

    AEHaas Formula 3

    May 9, 2003
    Osprey, Florida
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    Ali E. Haas
    I have the D1 X, and a lot of old Nikon glass from 14 to 300 mm. I have not looked back to film. You of course must have Photoshop and learn how to use it. It is not often my pictures but those of others that require doctoring.

    My friend finally did the leap from his F4, or was it F5, anyway he was slow to go to digital. Its like a new hobby now for him. He just got a used 500mm lens to add to his collection. He got the D100 and could not be happier.

  6. Billy10mm

    Billy10mm Formula Junior

    Nov 11, 2003
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    Billy Ng
    I've been an amateur photo junkie for years and I currently have the Canon 300D (AKA Digital Rebel). It is by far the best camera for the money. Picture quality is outstanding. I've got a 512mb CFII card at 4X that writes the photos plenty quick enough. Plenty of features, 7 different white balance options as well as a custom white balance setting. 3 different metering modes, sharpness adjustment, color saturation .... It's got single-shot range-adjustable 3-picture white meter bracketing as well as triple-shot adjustable exposure bracketing. Shutter release is the fastest of any digital camera I've played with including the 10D. The multi-shot mode shoots 4 continuous photos, regardless of quality setting (has 32mb of onboard memory, enough to hold the 4 raw images on it's own). Battery life is pretty good, though I don't have much to base it on. We took it to South Beach this weekend and took ~140 shots (only maybe 20 with flash) as well as what I would consider an average amount of LCD review time and although I brought the charger, I didn't need it until after I had finished copying the 87 good pictures off the camera to my puter.

    The OE flash is designed similar to the one on the new Rebel Titanium. The flash sits almost double the distance away from the lense when compared to the Rebel G/2000 and, as duplicated on dcresource's ( tests, makes red-eye reduction almost completely unnecessary. I've also noticed a serious reduction in the amount and severity of hot-spots in my flash-enhanced night-time portrait close-ups, again compared with my previous Rebels. I don't know if this is a result of the newly designed flash or something the camera "fixes" before it writes the image to media. Of course, a quality flash is still a necessity, but I'm quite impressed with the OE's end results.

    I recommend the kit, the included lens is pretty decent by my standards. While it won't replace a good fixed wide angle lens, or my Ultrasonic 75-300 zoom ... it served us well on vacation as a do-it-all lense that doesn't disappoint the seasoned eye.

    And on the lenses thing ... You've got hundreds of choices with the Canon, you blew me away with that comment :) I'll admit though, I'm a Rebel freak. I went from Rebel G, to Rebel 2000, to Digital Rebel. Let me know if you want to see a few random shots I've taken with it. I'll send you the highest quality Jpegs as they are typically under 3 megs each (Canon's raw format is a .crw which photochop doesn't recognize, there's a utility to convert them to .tifs but they come out huge).

    I've only had it since Christmas and haven't had any dedicated weekend Camera time (which I try to do at least once a month), but I'll send you the best of what I've got so far.

    Oh, the only negative about it is the transfer speed to the computer. I recommend the Sandisk USB2.0 CF reader I found on (shameless plug here, best place to buy geek parts, always reliable and fair prices) for $15 with free shipping. If you don't already have Photoshop, included with the camera is Photoshop Elements which I've found to be a pretty robust tool for editing.

    Bill in Brooklyn
  7. writerguy

    writerguy F1 Veteran

    Sep 30, 2003
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    You are right the Rebel is the best "bang for the buck" out there right now. The only reason i went Nikon was due to just plain tuff nature of the beast, and my old Canon glass would not make the progression effeciently.
    The image size I get out of the D 100 is great 20" x17" 300 dpi or a WHOPPER of a Jpeg image but that is what I need for what i do for a living. Most of my shooting is done in RAW so I am packing a lot of data onto the card but when I dial down to the 10x6 (300 dpi) jpeg I can stuff around 500 images on the 1 gig, they are great but the RAW format is a .nef Nikon file that Photoshop has no issues with.

    I looked into the Rebel as it was coming on the market and would have gone that way if it could have stood up to the crap I do. it is like anything else I need the best tool I could get and the D answered the call the Canon 10-D was second choice and the EOS1DS was just too damn expensive even with 11.1 Megabites per image.

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