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    I've put this post on the 206/246 technical forum, but it occurred to me that not all Dino owners go to that forum. So, here's a repeat for NY folks who own or know someone who owns a 246 (not really sure if this applies to 206's?).

    Tah, Tah! Finally found a source referred to me by Competizione & Sports Cars in Maryland that produced a prototype pair of 246 rear reflector bezels that fits my quality standards. It's a mil spec machine shop that has done specialty projects for Competizione previously. So, here's the sample pictured below. This is as they come from the machine shop. These fit my 246 Dino very well. There are slight differences between Dinos like the hole sizes for the guide pins. That can be corrected by the Dino owner, if necessary. I used the original plastic set from my '74 246GTS as the model and the shop reproduced a replica except for time-related warping that had occurred as a result of the red lense applying constant pressure to the plastic to hold the assembly in place. As most Dino owners know, it's the red lens that's "bolted" to the rear Kammback design, not the plastic bezel. Also, I did not have the guide pin machined into the aluminum bezels. Instead, I had them drill and countersink two holes where the guides were and I'm using a stainless steel flat head screw in one of the holes as the guide pin and to hold the bezel in place. Now the reflector doesn't have to be tightened as much. This also reduced the machining complexity and cost. The finish is not chrome-like. To have it chrome plated was out of the question price-wise. It's polished aluminum as it comes from the machine shop. If we can get orders for 8 pairs of bezels (red reflectors NOT included) the price will be $275 per pair plus shipping. If you want me to polish it to a finish as near to chrome as aluminum can get, I would do that for $25 per pair.

    Let me get a count of who is interested and how many are wanted. I already have 4 orders. If the count goes well above 8 pairs, I'm sure we can get them cheaper.

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