Dino Saga 071125 _ West Camino Cielo

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    Dino Saga 071125 _ West Camino Cielo

    Talked a number of times about East Camino Cielo. The road that follows the mountain crest behind Santa Barbara. There is a West Camino Cielo that goes behind Goleta all the way to Refugio Canyon road. 18 or so years ago I took the Dino all the way and then went down the north side of the mountain to Solvang. That was an adventure but most of the way was pretty good. Only a few miles of dirt. Now you need a 4wd rig to make it. The paved road ends at the Winchester Gun Club range. After that, potholes and dirt all the way.

    Saturday was nice. We got a little of the Santa Ana winds that wrecked havoc in Santa Monica. Just enough up here to push the marine layer out and create some great looking evening clouds. Back in the 60s and 70s I helped a buddy build his dream house just off of West Camino Cielo. Actually 2 houses as the kids started coming as soon as the first small house was complete. Always admired the sign he put up to keep lookyloos from driving all the way to the house. “Tresspassers will be Violated” has stuck in my head all these years. Kids grew up, messy divorce, wife got house, buddy moved to Idaho, wife became a real estate saleswoman. Haven’t been up to the area in years so decided that the weather was perfect to check things out and see what had changed.

    Not much! Everyone has got religion and has cleared around their houses. Big fire danger every fall. Bad access, little water and a volunteer fire department motivates folks with any sense at all. Road is good all the way to the Winchester Gun Club. About 5 miles well maintained. Lots of new homes. Fair amount of traffic, mostly trucks or SUVs. Shiny or not, the Dino gives way on roads that are 1 ½ lanes wide. Big boulders and great views are still there. Islands were pretty clear. Lots of turnouts to take pictures or just watch the world down below. From 2500 feet up it seems you can see forever. Sailboats in the ocean punctuated the blue ripples on a beautiful day.

    From Santa Barbara, go up San Marcos Pass (Hwy 154) and turn left at the top. West Camino Cielo is well marked and there is a left turn lane. Twisty and dark at the beginning but it opens up quickly. 20-30 mph is just fine. Enjoy the view, let the car idle along. It’s late in the year now so the sun gets in your eyes after 3:00 PM heading West. On the way back the views down on Santa Barbara and Goleta are hard to beat. Take pictures or just sit and watch. You will meet some interesting mountain people, and their dogs, if you sit long enough or take a little walk. Too bad more flatlanders don’t take the 20 minutes it takes to get up into God’s country. You are welcome any time.

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  3. TonyL

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    Your lucky to get such nice a nice view with long winding roads.

    All we get is trafic jams and speed cameras.
  4. Kingair33

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    I always love your threads! The Dino looks great!
  5. jimshadow

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    You know that Enzo smiles everytime you put more miles on that car!
    Thanks for sharing. :)


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