Dino Saga 080316 _ Little SB Tour

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    Dino Saga 080316 _ Little SB Tour

    Spring has really sprung. Lots of rain this year and new grass is a foot high on the hillsides. Been windy all week and car is covered with dust every morning. Big puffy clouds rush by but no rain in any forecast. Starting to think about opening the pool. Sent out letters to all of last year’s members reminding them of the May 1 Opening Day. Pool temp was at 54 in January. Up to 66 now. Will be at 72 or so in a month and the heat will go on. We run 88 during the summer so real little kids and new mommies are happy. Grandmas don’t mind either.

    Nothing special happening so I rinsed the car and took a little tour of Santa Barbara. Went the back way to the Old Mission and stopped for a minute. Looks as pretty as ever. Good crowd in the church and in the Museum. Walked a little and then drove down State Street. You have to do that every couple of weeks to keep up with all the movement of stores. Continuous remodeling or rebuilding. Restaurants changing owners, names and specialties. Nice to see lots of old timers still going strong. Downtown is a wonderful place to walk. Lots of side paseos and courtyards with galleries, restaurants, clubs, shops. Never know what you will find so best to just explore them all. Lower State is the Night Club/Bar district and there is action all the time. Michael Jordan holds a basketball clinic at UCSB every summer around Fiesta time. He loves to tend bar at O’Malleys in the evenings and will draw a huge crowd to joke with. Very popular Sports Bar any time of day or year.

    Went on down to the Ocean and turned left. Beaches were fine but windy so went on 101 South to Olive Mill. Drove over to the Four Seasons Biltmore and let the valet park the car. Main buildings have been remodeled nicely. Coral Casino pool club is still being worked on. Took a ten minute walk through the front buildings and the blend of 80 year old original timbers and 2 year old wrought iron and masonry is seamless. Spanish style with all the comforts of the 21st century. And some of the best gardeners in the world. Lawns, fountains, flowers and exotic trees.

    A quick pass at the Lounging and Relaxing pool area showed all in order. Lots of kids and pretty ladies enjoying. If folks want an exercise pool, just walk across the street to the Coral Casino. Full Olympic sized pool ready and waiting. Looked out the window of the exercise gym and took one last shot for the day. Wind and flowers and ocean and blue sky. Will do! Valets had left the car up front nicely. Keys on the visor. Big smile and nice goodbye. Quick freeway run home with plenty of time to edit pictures and write this story.

    Car is running great. Couple of new pieces of carpet on order for the trunk. Mena’s should have them ready in 10 days. Plenty of time for San Diego. Remember, Jon says a Tee Shirt to all Dino’s that show up. See you at Bella Italia on April 5.

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    Thanks for the nice tour of SB. After reading that, it makes me want to take a drive over San Marco Pass to enjoy SB. But it was nice in PB so I took a drive to SLO. Very nice Dino!

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