Disadvantages of buying a European 360?

Discussion in '360/430' started by SlickMurphy, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. SlickMurphy

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    Aug 18, 2004
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    The "Euros" with Amerispec conversions seem to be selling for less than a strict North American car. Why is this and what are the disadvantages of buying one?

  2. Buttuz4eva

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    Challenge Farrelle
    you didnt get the porsche yet?

    what are you waiting for?

    euro cars have no warenty not even a aftermarket warenty there are about 400 parts missing from a euro also but the stock euro exaust is way louder and much better sound thats for sure.

    my friend has one 1999 p14 says the sticker i believe at one time it was shoe mockers car payed a pretty penny for it to.. sounds great

    you really should have just answered to your other thread and then asked this question.

    now go buy your porsche.

    the reason everyone is telling you to get a porsche is that if you even have the porsche and ferrari name undecided you dont deserve to have a ferrari porsche and ferrari dont go together in the same sentence SMARTEN UP!

    the porsche is waiting i saw a 944 for a good price on ebay.
  3. udalmia

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    noahlh a member on this board has had a euro spec 360 for quite some time now.. your best bet is to pm him
  4. Rifledriver

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    Brian Crall

    To start with you will get no warranty coverage from FNA. Euro cars have a warranty, but is only honored by the selling dealer. The reason for this is that in Europe the dealers get a deeper discount on the car as compensation for future labor costs on warranty work. The factory only reimburses them for parts. Next, it is my understanding that some insurance companies won't cover "Gray Market" cars. And at the end of your ownership experience the softer resale market on gray market cars will gobble up some or all of your up front savings.
  5. speedball

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    Mar 29, 2004
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    Scot Anderson
    Yes, Euro cars cost a bit less to buy, yet brings less when it's time to sell ...... so it's a push .... in effect you get the same enjoyment .... you're just into it for less money than the rest of us. They bring less because someone took the car apart and made some changes. The issue of warranty IMO doesn't really matter ..... afterall, how many of us still have an original 2 year factory warranty on our cars, what with Ferrari's "shortest warranty period" of any manufacturer. I'd think most imports are "used" cars anyway unless you're buying an Enzio.

    Every Ferrari comes off the same assy. line in Italy. Yes, there are little differences between US and Euro models, but basically they're the same car ... with the exception that most Euro models have better performance and a little less weight.

    I'd say the real issue with "gray market cars" is what was done to them to make them US legal ..... modifications must be made and converstion shops are varied in quality and expertise. You need to check that the conversion was done correctly. But then again, how many US cars are out there that were serviced or repaired by substandard shops?
  6. 9software

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    Mar 31, 2004
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    Plus every Euro cars have to have the front & rear bumpers reinforced and repainted. Not to mention the horror stories that go on in those shops of employees abusing the cars or putting mileage on the cars when the odometers are out. I know of one person who had 2/3rds of the car repainted and didn't even know it until i showed him. A good body shop guy can tell you if a US car is in "original" condition whereas it's very difficult with a Euro car since many of the body panels have been taken off and put back on during the conversion.
    Plus Euro cars are usually stripped of options (except some spiders) since it has to be price competitive so about the only option you'll find is F1. No power seats, no daytona, and NEVER any shields. Absolutely horrible. Most have not great color combos.
    Resale is very very difficult. Not so bad with the spiders but the coupes take forever. Very few dealers will take it on a trade and it isn't a very easy car to move.
    If you do go with a Euro coupe, make sure you buy it dirt cheap. And try to find a rare one with a decent color combo and some options.
  7. f355b

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    Jan 23, 2004
    Little Silver,NJ
    Only way i would buy one is to enjoy it yourself for a few years and then turn it into a Challenge car for even more fun.

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