Do we need a boat hoist/lift in a fresh water lake?

Discussion in 'Motorcycles & Boats' started by 11506apollo, Dec 3, 2018.

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    If a boat is going to be used in a fresh water lake, do I/we need to invest on a Boat Hoist/Lift to keep it out of the water? I am debating this need and would like to see your opinions on this, please.
    Other than some Calcium deposits and other slight growth and discoloration, I don't see harm (mechanical/electrical) in leaving the boat in the water. The disadvantage is more difficulties doing maintenance, but I assume the boat can be removed from the water using a trailer for the occasional lower unit flush/ anode replacement, etc.
    What you think?
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    Tom M
    I think the answer is a big "it depends".
    if you're on a northern lake where the boat may only be in the water Memorial Day to Labor Day it's probably fine to leave it in.
    On a southern lake with water temp in the 80°'s the bottom will get get snotty pretty quick.
    There's always more risk of the boat sinking if it stays in the water but on the positive side of the ledger, I don't know anyone that doesn't use a boat a lot more if it's just in the water and they can just get on it. I always bias toward what makes the boat easy to use.
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    In the NE now Zebra mussels are the big issue, they will clog intakes and attach to the hull.
    Personaly I am so OCD that I take my boat out the water and clean it up at the end of each y weekend and keep it on the trailer during the week. My folks and inlaws did the same so it just works for us, esp as the launch is half a block away. This also requires having a suttable tow/launch vehicle.

    Friends have lifts at their docks, in the NE that means a floating lift which pretty much then blocks one side of the dock, and its anotehr machine to take care of and remove in the winter..

    that all being said, there is many a sunday after big lunch that i wish the boat was just on lift and done. The upside though is I can have the ctatrtic experience of boat cleaning while my wife is busy packing up the lake house.

    Bottom line is keep your boat either on trailer or lift, it will last much longer, and be in better shape when you use it. .
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    Tom M
    I forgot about the zebra mussels. When I left Colorado 8 years or so ago the park service inspected any boat going in the water than had been outside of the state.
    Agree on it being in better shape if it's out of the water. It lets the boat dry out too if you're using it for water sports.
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    Ron Frohock
    I bought one used. I like the fact that I no longer need to cover the boat.
    Simply hit the switch, boat lowers into the water. Enjoyment...... and when I get back, raise the boat / lift up into the canopy. No longer need to spend times snapping. Big benifit.

    Now if I could only find one for my Pontoon......

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    Image Unavailable, Please Login You should have one plus a covered dock. We get a thin brown coat of algae, that's all. Brushes off easily, but lifts are great for keeping the boat clean.
    And get black or brown in the float colors if available. Blue stands out too much.
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    My Dad had his boats (fiberglas w/outdrive and aluminum inbd) tied up at dock in Lk Erie from Apr-Oct for yrs, even during the worst of the Zebra mussel scare. Would repaint bottom every season, but otherwise NO issues with corrosion, algae or mussels. He was in a wake protected anchorage.
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    100 Percent no question asked you need a lift.

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