Dr. Didier Moreau RIP (Club Ferrari France)

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    Dr. Didier Moreau of Lyon, France, passed away today after a certain period of illness. He was 85 years. Dr. Moreau was one of the founders of the Club Ferrari France, a past President and a very strong supporter of Ferrari in France. He was also closely connected to Daniel Marin (Charles Pozzi SA) and a long time friend of Jacques Swaters (of Garage Francorchamps SA in Belgium). Dr. Moreau owned a series of very interesting classic Ferraris which included a lovely dark red metallic 330 GTC (#09077, rosso cordoba 106-R-7) and a fantastic 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Scaglietti (#2787 GT). He raced the SWB oftentimes with his friend Jean-Claude Bajol of Toulouse and sometimes won against Albert Uderzo (Asterix comic figure designer, who passed away a couple months ago). For several decades Dr. Moreau was a key person for all Ferrari club activities in France. Over the years he also collected an immense archive of documents.

    Very sad news.
    Didier, RIP.

    Marcel Massini

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    Yes, a great character, indeed. A modest person, with great sensitivity and a sense of humor. We'll never forget the year that his son Vincent came to our Encino home as an exchange student. But that's another story.

    Our sympathies to Vincent and any other family members.
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    Sad news. Triste nouvelle.

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    Sad news, i hope his former cars are still in France or in his family.
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    Toutes mes condoléances à sa famille et à ses amis.
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    Very sad news.
    I remember my early years in the Club Ferrari France when I had no Ferrari and I was a simple "membre associé" thanks to Pierre Coquet. I met in Dijon and in Le Mas du Clos all those who were the early members of the club. The ambiance was very friendly and even family.
    Because I was the young guy I often been in the passenger seat of their great Ferrari.
    As the President, Didier Moreau was a key people in the organisation and was very well respected by all the members.
    As I remember, he had made lot of research on order to find the reason why his 2787 featured a white cross on the roof when it was light blue. The possible explanation was the cross as a mark to be well identified for some helicopter picture during TDF 1961 with Henri Oreiller.


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