Dream Car Turned Shipping Nightmare

Discussion in '348/355' started by mojocoggo, Mar 13, 2019 at 8:09 PM.

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    Welcome to the 348 Brotherhood.

    Sorry to hear about the shipping mishap.
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    Dylan Leff
    Thanks Ernie. I did thoroughly enjoy your clutch removal DIY (and your many other helpful posts). If it comes down to it, I'll be using that write-up very soon.
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    I guess I don't understand why they would need to take it on and off the truck let alone a few times, it's not like tansporring dog.

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    Hahaha, well they pick up and drop off other cars along the route, so they may need to shuffle things around to get cars on and off the trailer. You'd hope that they put the last car to be delivered in the very back so it doesn't need to be moved at all, but logic isn't for everyone.
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    Ok got it was thinking dedicated direct transport. Geez maybe they had to push it on the truck check for push dents....

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    Congrats to the car!

    Sorry to hear about the shipping mess, hope it will be sorted for you in a good way.

    However, I just want to mention that there currently are after market flywheel availible at a very good price from MD Clutches in UK. The reason for the dropped price is that they will stop selling these so now they are clearing out the stock.
    Link to ebay item:

    A flywheel from MD Clutches are currently being installed in my T during a major service incl single plate clutch rebuild. Therefore I cannot review it yet but my mechanic thinks it looks good so far a least.

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    Congratulations on the car ans sorry to hear about the shipping problems. Here's hoping you get it corrected with them.

    I recall an annoying flashing clock in my 83 Mondial but I used to use the battery isolator. Pretty much the same I hated it flashing and would just adjust it to any time to stop it :D
  8. johnk...

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    My though too. Clutch must have been pretty far gone to start with.

    For the op, nice car. Just get it fixed and you'll forget all about it once you start driving it.
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    Within 2 days of my 355 getting delivered the alternator failed and I started getting both SDL & CEL despite a perfect report from an independent ppi. Pretty flawless 2 yrs once that was sorted out, I chalk it up to part of the “ownership experience”.
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    When you ship a car, most people are present for the loading and unloading, gaurding carefully the actions of the driver loading it...
    ... unfortunately, no one is the watching the other 17 times your car is loaded and unloaded across the country to move other cars on and off

    I hate shipping cars for this reason.

    You may be able to get somewhere with the shipping company, but I would more go towards the dealership. They sent you a car that doesn't run. Let them go after the shipping company, they might have a lot more weight since that would be repeat business taken away
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    Andrew's engineer John, passed away, and Andrew closed up MD.

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    If it makes you feel any better the 348 dual-clutch is actually quite robust. I just re-did mine the flywheel and pressure plate did not need resurfacing. I bought the twin discs from ferrparts for about $640 delivered. It's an easy DIY afternoon job and if you have little hands it don't have to remove the rear bumper just the lower exhaust.
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  13. Jdubbya

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    Sorry to hear about this. It sucks dealing with it. When I had my 308 delivered the driver's foot slipped off the clutch and he rammed the open end of the door into the inside structure of his truck. I had him note it right on the bill of lading and sign it and it still took certified letters to the owners of the company and over a year to get my money back.

    I agree with get repair estimates and fight them but if it's taking too long just get it fixed and then go after them. That's what I did and was able to enjoy the car while trying to get my $2k+ back from them.
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    Jack Don
  15. daliguy1

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    Jack Don
    I'm a General Lines Broker in Florida, and I would like to offer you first hand advise regarding your claim.
    First and foremost, keep phone conversations to a minimum with the other parties (INS.Co; Trucking company or driver).
    1-Instead opt to get email addresses, or text messages sent in a format that leaves a paper trail that you can later print as evidence of conversation/contact.
    2-If you have been assigned a claim number by the Ins.Co.' request the name and email address of the LICENSED Adjuster assigned by them.
    3-Draft and articulate, along with receipts, condition reports and transportation contracts and receipts of payments. Keep a record in a file on you computer, and print to PDF all conversations, by date; in one file so you can refer to them instead of searching your mail archives, and since you have the ability to make a file of conversations regarding any group of messages, also make a file in your email program (ex: mon/day/yr- title it ACTIVE CLAIM 348.
    Now you have a direct link in both your email and documents sections on CPU.
    4-Notify in writing the Insurance Commissioner's office of the pending claim that you are having difficulties with and submit with all current to date documentation, they will give you a case number and you be sure to use that case number on every correspondence you interact with the DOI.
    Again I cannot stress enough the importance of the paper trail you must create with all parties, up to but not excluding the D.O.I. (Dept of Ins.)
    This will avoid any doubt should any party allege any statement of fact that you can dispute as inaccurate with your paper trail.
    Rather than hire counsel, this avenue offers you the full strength of your State's Legal division of the Ins. Commissioner, at no cost to you.
    If there is any time of discrepancy or issue with the compliance of the trucking firms insurance it will come to light and all records of the investigation by the dept. of insurance is evidence in event you have no recourse, and must sue in civil court.

    An attorney may even take the case on a contingency basis since you will have facts, evidence and State certified documents to back your claim.
    I hope this will assist you, and feel free to write me back if you run into unfamiliar territory.
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    Correct. I have purchased MD's entire remaining stock of Kluber grease and flywheel o-rings.
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  17. schnazzy

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    I had an issue with shipping a Porsche cross country. Due to where they were delivering and their scheduled (allegedly) they decided to offload to a private towing company (flatbed). The tow driver had such an accent I couldn't understand. He noted in his paperwork that the (aluminum) lower control arm had snapped in half. On later inspection it was clear that someone hooked tie down straps to it it instead of the tow mount points. This is what I learned.
    The local dealer that fixed it of course would not bill anyone but me
    The dealer I bought it from is not responsible for any damage done by the shipping or towing company and doesn't have the time to help you
    Lawyers are great

    It's been a decade so I may be off a bit. The lawyer notified the dealer, shipper and tow company and let them know of possible litigation. The part was $750ish, labor was a couple hundred, realignment was a few hundred, my time transporting it, and tow costs were another 1k or so. It was something like $3k total. After a couple letters we decided to move forward with lawsuits (note, I had to pay the lawyer so far with no significant likelyhood of reimbursement). With no response, I sent prepared letters to about 60 dealers asking for any information on the shipping company and if they dealt with or had any theft, damage or or other issues with them. We got 6 or 7 responses and interestingly the owner of the small shipping comapany called the lawer and threatened to sue for defamation. ;) long story short, I was reimbursed everything (including the lawer) except my time. In many states, it seems, if a shipper offloads to another, they still hold liability at least jointly and since their cheap-o private tow person could never be contacted..... ;)

    Took 8 months, pretty risky because I paid the lawyer up front and he clearly told me lots of shell games and tricks that could happen and since the company wasn't registered in my state, it could be futile. It seems that it is cheaper to close the company down and make a new one than pay lawsuits. It seemed mine was just low enough. More imporantly, the dealers knew the owner I guess so it wouldn't have mattered if he changed company names. To be fair, my lawyer was slightly surprised we got the money so easily. (as if dozens of my hours and 8ish months was easy). If I had to do it again, I would not but that is me.

    For my F355, I put the shipping in the deal and made sure they used a highly reliable shipper that they completely trusted. I then asked them to take no less than 20 pictures (top down) and including under carriage and the driver seat and doorpanel. I am pretty sure they told the driver btw. It came with plastic covers on the seat, floor cover, steering cover etc. The only very minor issue is that he was nervous about delivering to my house which does have a hill a mile away. He had some software that said this area was a no-go for lowboys. I suggested another route and he was there within minutes. Couldn't have been a nicer guy. Fully enclosed.

    This and the porsche traveled completely cross country about 100 miles shy of sea to sea so it was likley they were on the truck for 3500 miles or so criss crossing the US. I think both took about 8-10 days.

    Fix the car, then decide.
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