Drive up to Warwick Valley Winery

Discussion in 'New York Tri-State' started by ClydeM, Aug 10, 2019.

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    If you've never gone up for lunch there, you should. The wife & I go Thur or Friday as Sat & Sun it's a Yuppie zoo.

    The 1 hour drive up was wonderful through back roads: Rt 23N to Canister Rd ->Breakneck (Highland Lakes) -> 515 -> to much smaller roads like Prices Switch Rd & Amity.

    The car with the top down ran great.

    Lunch outside was wonderful what with a bottle of Doc's Pear Cider . We were careful not to wake a sleeping duck at the next table.

    Coming back: Rt1A->Pine Island Tpk ->94 ->Greenwood Lk tpk and then a jump over to Macopin Rd

    Cops were out like crazy on the major roads. I had lots of laughs as folks in minivans & such decided it would be fun to blow by a Ferrrai significantly faster than the speed limit only to come over the top of a crest and there be a statey or local trooper clocking them :) Happened more than a few times along Rt 23

    And I was pleased - they have a slew new flavors of Hard Cider. My favorite is Pear, but we'll have to try a few new ones:
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