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    Hi Everyone,

    As many of you may know I battled late stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when I was 15, undergoing 2 years of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries to become a cancer survivor. I went on to pursue a career as a cancer researcher and physician, pursuing my passion to help raise money for cancer research.

    I am reaching out to all of you my fellow Ferrari owners to help support the DriveAwayCancer campaign I launched this week for the Leuekmia & Lymphoma Society. All proceeds will benefit the society to fund cancer research. First prize is a 2010 Porsche Boxster or $55,000 in cash and the odds of winning one of the 20 prizes is 1 in 500.

    I hope the Fchat community can help get behind my story and this campaign, spreading the word to further a great cause! Tickets are $100 each and can be purchased by calling 1-877-557-2873. Full details on the campaign as well as a link to the video of my personal story can be found at


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