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  1. Gianni Serazzi

    Feb 23, 2013
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    In memory of Tom

    Apologies, I forgot an important point.
    On barchetta is noted that FIA also confirmed that the Drogo Chassis was restamped (Tom Meade's one is original and NOT restamped)

    From Barchetta when describing the DROGO chassis

    06 - FIA authentication based on a restamped chassis marked "* 2707 * GT".
  2. Gianni Serazzi

    Feb 23, 2013
    Full Name:
    In memory of Tom
    Dear all,
    a quick update on the 2707
    -The Drogo 2707 appears to have been sold from Bertolero to Carmelo Baieli as a legimate car
    -Over the years several perspective buyers called me to get information on the Nembo 2707 when Bertolero was trying to sell it and I informed them about the history of the car, the original car that I have and the original documents. Several of them thanked me for the information and passed on the car. Mr.Baieli advisor (Cristiano Borrelli) contacted me only after their purchase unfortunately, otherwise I would have explained to them the truth about the Nembo 2707. He has always been very professional with me
    -Ferrari Classiche was given my 2707 and copies of all documents and targhetta. They CONFIRMED IT IS THE ORIGINAL. The chassis has now been stamped as Classiche. I have been told that they did a lot of other metallurgy and other checks as they knew that there was a second Drogo 2707 in circulation and wanted to be sure 100% before expressing themselves
    -Once more, the word of Tom Meade has been confirmed. Over the years every time that he told us something, that always turned out to be true (look at the post above of 23 Feb 2013 that Tom had instructed me to write)

    Glad that the truth has been exposed 100%

    Gianni Serazzi

    I am uploading just the classiche stamp as it is safer not to have the original chassis number circulating. I can also send to anyone interested the Classiche invoice. My email is always the same as my previous post where many of you have contacted me. Image Unavailable, Please Login

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