Dropped 1-6 Bank After Washing Or Sitting In Heavy Rain

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by Shamile, Jun 10, 2018.

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  1. Shamile

    Shamile F1 Veteran

    Dec 31, 2002
    Lakeland FL
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    Ok, I have a really strange issue here. Every time I wash the car ( lots of water ) or if the car gets heavy rain while sitting at work (daily driver) it drops the 1-6 bank.

    Here's the funny part. I can start the car, it fires right up on both banks then after a couple minutes, the 1-6 bank will slowly drop off. The car has to be driven for a few miles, then the bank comes up.

    It's not spark as I checked with my timing light and all plugs are firing. It seems to be fuel gets cut off. I can pull the fuel pump relay on the 1-6, car sounds the same. I pull 7-12, car dies. Ok, It's fuel to 1-6 But, when the bank comes back, I can pull the relays and the 1-6 always sounds rough and not smooth compared to the 7-12.

    Is there anything on the coils including the little electronic plug in chip that would, if going bad control fuel to the 1-6 bank? When dry for a few days, I never have the issue unless water gets on the engine.

    All the connections are tight and clean. Maybe pointing me in a specific direction will turn up something.


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  2. Natkingcolebasket69

    Silver Subscribed

    Jul 2, 2017
    Bay Area
    Check the thread by feralc; it’s similar with heat/wash.
    My money is on your fuse panel going bad.

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  3. ferralc

    ferralc Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed Owner

    Sep 2, 2010
    San Diego CA
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    Yes Shamile, same thing happened to me but it was a coincidence with the wash, it is pretty easy to diagnose, check the brown connections of the fuel pumps on the fuse panel and wiggle them while one bank is out and it you hear the other bank restarting the problem is the fuse panel connector.

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  4. blkdiablo33

    blkdiablo33 Formula 3

    Jul 12, 2004
    hope you get it figured out soon shamile,havnt even washed my car yet just wipe it down and never driven in hot summer temps
  5. blkdiablo33

    blkdiablo33 Formula 3

    Jul 12, 2004
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  7. OptimusPrime

    OptimusPrime Karting

    May 10, 2011
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    I had a similar issue and discovered that a spark tester does not tell you how good the spark is. When it was wet or humid my 1-6 bank would drop or backfire due to what i guessed was unburned fuel, but spark tested good. I ordered new caps and rotors and when I assembled the bank 1-6 cap, the coil wire was barely pierced on the end of the wire in the cap by the needle screw and the number 4 spark plug wire was not even pierced....but I had spark on all cylinders with my spark tester. After correcting, no more back fire, loss of power, or 1-6 bank dropping. I also trimmed about 1/4" off each wire. I realized the last time the wires were assembled, the red covering was working like a spring as it does not fit into the cap and after the wires are pushed in, they must have backed off a little. Removing a little of the red outer coating of the plug wires allowed them to go all the way in and not want to come back out while the needle screw was replaced. Maybe you are getting some moisture and coil wire connection is not so good. Take apart, inspect cap first, then trim a little off the end of the coil wire and reassemble.
  8. UpNorth

    UpNorth Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed Owner

    Sep 30, 2006
    Quebec, Canada
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    My problem in that vincinity was a poor cable between coil and distribution cap. Some rust at the ending that caused similar problem...
  9. lear60man

    lear60man Formula 3

    May 29, 2004
    Los Angeles
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    Personally I would start at the dist cap on the 1-6 bank. Reasoning being, its semi exposed and the gasket might be compromised (once you pull the condom). Lastly, its super easy to get to and fix so home run.

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