F8 Drove the F8...really really want to love it, but....

Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by Ngcanada, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Lovedriving

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    Eric D'Amours
    Where did you get that from? It’s probably a factor for some 458 owners and certain,y for most Honda Civic owners but there are plenty of other valid reasons why people would not buy an F8. I don’t think there is such a thing as “moving from a 458 to an F8” as they each appeal to a different audience. You bought an F8 and you should enjoy it. Happy for you. However, it’s not because you bought a F8 that it makes it a superior car. It only makes it the right car for you! I believe there are other valuable opinions in this thread.

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  2. Lovedriving

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    Eric D'Amours
    Perhaps you can compare the F8 to the Performante, a car you know better? That would be more useful honestly than comparing to a car you don’t know as much.

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  3. dustman

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    Jun 12, 2007
    Thx. Loved my spec, didnt enjoy the car.
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    Random thoughts here, as a big fan of the 458/FF/F12 era.

    As I said a few years ago ... in general terms, corporate Ferrari has lost the plot on passionate driving per mile. And turbos are still turbos. They feel less visceral. The Portofino is terrible overall, the 488 is boring and lame, the 812 screams yet is ugly.

    On the track there is a good argument for the new Ferraris as the speed need is there in 2020 vs, others. The 458 is fun but less planted and underpowered, the speciale is better, but ... Speciale Aperta is the best of that era IMO. Yet no one actually drives them, sadly.

    Every time I drive the FF is still a joyful event 27000 miles later ... GT driving it and even somewhat in cornering it's a joy, feels small, heavy smooth not too refined.

    I daily drive a 2016 911 GTS cab with modded suspension, aftermarket exhaust header (a must) and Cobb PDK/motor ... the last year of the non turbo 3.8L. Great fun as a daily, better practicality than a 458, which is still a blast on the track. Bumpy and not planted around town but feels great, sounds great.

    For new Ferrari the 812 GTS looks like the place to be ... if only they didn't use that clunky new steering wheel :(

    And the Pista Spider, the OLD WHEEL, so much better. That's a car I like as a daily.

    As you were ...

    Drive your Ferraris, life is short, and it's a car.
  5. czlandi

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    Fundamentally each new generation Of V8 and V12 gets better from a rational perspective. More power, more speed, better handling. Let’s not mention the h word (SF-90...) but who cares? My 812 can do 130mph in barely 3rd gear. It’s already beyond nuts and at some time becomes counterproductive versus real life.
    The challenge for Ferrari is that for a large group of Ferrari owners, we are looking for the emotional and not the rational. We buy Ferrari’s to enjoy the driving experience, the hum of a normally aspirated motor, no start stop button....
    My journey has been a 488 Spider. Dumped in 6 months for a 458 Italia. For me, this car is heaven on earth. The last and best V8 worthy of a Ferrari badge. Everything from then on is blah.
    I also own my favourite dinosaur 812. It is perhaps the final say in V12s. These two cars will be with me until me or petrol is no more. There is nothing coming that can be better.
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  6. Dicecal

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    This tread is so pointless, go buy/drive whatever floats your boat. Criticizing other people’s personal choices goes nowhere....
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  7. dustman

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    Jun 12, 2007
  8. docsmr

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    Apr 3, 2012
    F8 - anytime a 'new' version is "compared" to a previous one with the same platform- kind of loses that 'I want that now!' feeling.. metrics are great but in this setting the emotion and soul performance remains a significant factor..
    its not about trading a 7-10 y/o model for the new one (especially one on the same platform) , its not about the money, its about 'do you like it'
    if the F8 gives you that feeling, great.. enjoy it!
    you have to enjoy what you drive..
    An opinion does not change the metrics or the facts how amazing all of these are.. but most opinions are valuable..
    Some of us are picky and if it lacks that character and emotion- just metrics do not make up for that lost emotion..

    As much as I thought I would love the F8 .. I realize I'm just telling myself that, when in reality I personally do not..
    The front end just ends the wow factor.. zero excitement ..
    The rear- thought I would love the quad lights (finally!) but paired with a dual exhaust just looks very odd..
    Everything between that - metrics are great but the package is not, for me ..

    F12 epic design and performance- wish it had quad taillights - other than that- amazing.. the drive, fit and feel.. pure excitement and entertainment ..
    812 - (GTS appeals to me more) .. holds that V12 insanity very well, quad tails and quad exhaust- well done Ferrari..

    458 epic, Speciale or base, spider or coupe - just epic- no questions asked- I wish I got one when they came out .. F8 in my opinion does not even come close..
    488 still holds that Ferrari sentiment, that feeling of 'wanting' ; the 'event' , the character..
    hence I'm very happy with my 488 spider... best of both.. has the looks, the emotions and metrics of that 3.9 V8.. so much so that the F8 is named as a tribute to it- gives the 488 the place and respect it rightfully deserves..

    the 458 overall still wins... every time I see one.. never fails to excite.. if you have one , dont get rid of it.. wait for the F8 cycle to end and then get the one that follows.. and still keep that 458!

    and absolutely agree on 'if you dont know how to handle it - dont mod it!'
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  9. SoCal to az

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    Nov 25, 2012
    my prediction- in 2-3 years the exact same topic is going to come up. “I drove the Little Brother, it was great but then I got into my F8 and man the whine of those turbos was so great”

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  10. nickorette

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    Jun 19, 2017
    Keep the 458. Buy a new Huracan Evo RWD or used Performante for difference in price. Will give you the emotion and attention lacking in F8. Last chance for that NA V10...
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  11. sampelligrino

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    Apr 16, 2017
    It's not quite at the money is no object level, but sub 500 the 458 Speciale is that goldilocks too hot too cold just right "car combo" for me personally. I can't find anything to get me out of the Speciale as much as I've tried recently. Call me surprised as a 488 fan and former owner going to a 6 year old out of warranty car, but she is the closest to driving perfection that I've experienced so far (F12/GT3RS/Pista are up there for me)

    North of 500, ok I would also keep powder dry for TDF :)

    Others would swap Speciale for Pista, or say they need the Spider/droptop or V12. Some want/appreciate the new stuff like the F8, or don't want the headache with maintenance/out of warranty problems. Nothing wrong with that, just cool we all own drive and appreciate a Ferrari of some sort
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  12. F458Spider

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    Apr 12, 2015
    Keep the 458. Looks great, sounds better! More importantly, be patient and wait for the next model! I'm not selling my 458 Spider unless a future model has doors like the La Ferrari. I'll trade up to turbo or hybrid for the doors and looks. The 488 and F8 are just evolutions of the same 458 design. Not enough change for me and the naturally aspirated engine is MONEY!!! So I'm not getting caught up in Ferrari's new "milk it" strategy. Ferrari needs to shut down this 8-cyl generation and start over. I want to see the design and tech from the La Ferrari make it into the 8-cyl line just like the Enzo did into the 458. Put the Enzo side by side with the 458 and see the similarity and the 458 is as quick. You have to be patient. But Ferrari would go a long way competing with Mclaren and Lambo if they give us some awesome doors!!!!
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  13. victorg

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    Victor Gonzalez
    I have an 812 and a 488 Pista Spider. If you race and love the natural aspirated engine I would say to get an F12 or 812 and keep the 12-cylinders until hen you're ready for the turbos - then get yourself a pre-owned 488 or F8.
  14. ScrappyB

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    Except the 8-cyl line is soon going to be a 6-cyl line....
  15. dustman

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    Jun 12, 2007
    In my experience, the only thing I found competing with my love for 458’s is the Performante Spyder.
    I haven’t driven a Senna or TDF yet though.
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  16. Twosherpaz

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    Hopefully Ferrari is aware of this and he never gets another car early. He screwed the dealer and the rest of us by flipping it.
  17. Natkingcolebasket69

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    Amen to that. Newer cars are just too darn fast to enjoy for a twisty roads. Drive a 355 on a nice mountain road and it’s just as fun and as engaging as anything !

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  18. SoCal to az

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Saying a car is too fast is like saying her tits are too big. No such thing.
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  19. 911&F430

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    Oct 14, 2014
    Sound is such a big part of the driving experience and when Ferrari's mid engined sports cars were naturally aspirated they sounded amazing. The turbo-muffled exhaust just doesn't do it for me.
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  20. Natkingcolebasket69

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    Yes there is. If you knew a thing or 2 about women with large breasts you would know that a lot of them it hurts their back and there is such a thing as breast reduction because of that. So to go back on your Ill advised and sexist métaphore yes there is such a thing as a car being too fast and there is no way you can exploit 700bhp to the fullest on a twisty road.

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  21. SoCal to az

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Jesus man. Way to be a wet blanket on an obvious joke. Congrats on your lack of humor.,
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  22. Natkingcolebasket69

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    Some stuff are recycled, basic, just not funny man.

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  23. SoCal to az

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Ummm. yes it was. On a website predominately dominated by males, talking about cars? Boob talk is funny. Sorry to disagree.
  24. Natkingcolebasket69

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    Its okay :) I wasnt really mad, im french, i get grumpy a second then calm down very fast :)
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  25. MalibuGuy

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    One possible consideration which I thought of, would be that the F8’s sans /without GPF might become the target of speculators who would sell them at a premium to buyers in markets who have a GPF mandate.
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