Edwin K. Niles

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    Attorney at law by trade, but highly respected in this community for his vast knowledge on all things Ferrari, as well as his willingness to share the stories and photographs from his 50-odd years of experience with the marque. During that time, Ed has owned or traded over 100 Ferrari automobiles, including some very impressive and highly valuable examples. Here's a list of 123 ex-Niles Ferraris compiled by Jarrett Rothmeier:

    For years, Ed related his stories through articles published in the FCA Southwest Region's Sempre Ferrari magazine and had a regular column in FerrariChat's short-lived online webzine, Velostrada. Today, he continues to contribute occasional articles to the Ferrari Market Letter, but regularly shares his fascinating tales and images on F-Chat's Vintage forum.

    [Drawing by Chuck Queener]
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    I bumped into him in an ad from February 1968 R&T:

    Ferrari California Roadster. 1958 but you'd never guess it. Extra sharp with new paint and chrome. Outstanding mechanically: 55lbs pressure at an idle! $3995. Ed Niles.
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    If you don't do anything else today, click this link, and spend about 5 minutes absorbing the enormity of it - having owned and driven all these great Ferraris. . . . mind-boggling. And he is a great guy! Thanks, Ed, for all you've done for the Ferrari world.
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    The Chuck Queener illustration was for the cover of an FOC issue back around 1977.

    Rode with Ed one time to the Mark Dee's annual picnic run. Left from around Malibu then throught the various canyon roads. Ed had the 166MM with 250GT motor. Lots of go but during the drive Ed said that the brakes were so good that open the doors for speed brakes would probably be as effective. Later the car was with Bob Smith and he drove it from Texas to an FCA National at Elkhart Lake.

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    I met Ed Niles in the days of the FOC in Los Angeles when he wrote for the newsletter as 'Fast Eddy' (I wrote as 'Mack E. Narossa'). Enjoyed his company and his anecdotes last week when he joined us at the Elysée in spite of the rain.
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    Hi, the link to ex-Niles cars seems to be dead. Does anyone have another way to get to it? Thanks!

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