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Discussion in '365 GT4 2+2/400/412' started by tr0768, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Howard Musolf
    Went up to my shop where the 400i is and admired the sheer beauty of this incredible car. Now boys being boys and one of my service bays was empty I could not resist, I rolled the 400 in and put ot on a lift just to look around the underside. This is the first chance to look at the bottom end since purchase.

    I decided to start it up and let it warm up and then check the lower side for any unusual oil or coolant leaks that I had not noticed when I did my buyers inspection. I saw a minute oil leak on an oil cooler line just a slight tightening of the banjo bolt, problem fixed. Saw a very minute cooloant leak from the verticle short hose at the top of the water pump, solved with a bit of tightneing of the hose clamp. The car is there for all coolant hoses to be replaced with sylicone hose ,and new hose clamps.

    Now at the very bottom of the waterpump casting, there is a very small weep hole which I assume is to relieve pressure on the pump seal when the car is parked after driving. 1st am
    I correct regarding this hole? 2nd I can see there has been a bit of a coolant leak there at some point. There is a small tell tale sign of green dried coolant around the parimeter of the afore mentioned hole.

    So experts, tell me good bad or indifferent????? I let the car run for about 1/2 hour at idle, and when I turned it off I left it in the air, and checked about 1/2 hour after turning the motor off and there was a bit of dampness up inside the hole.

    Guidance and direction please!!!!

    Howard Musolf
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    If it does not fit force it, if it breaks, it needed replacement anyway.

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    The loss of small amount of coolant is not the major issue, the thing to consider is difficulty / cost in replacing the water pump bearings on a 400 if they get damaged by a leaking seal. Hence its worth replacing the seal at the first sign of trouble, to prevent a much more costly repair in the future.

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    Sounds like you're losing bearings or a seal. Drive it until it blows. It could take a couple of years, it could be tomorrow. You'll know when it goes; the 6 foot diameter puddle of coolant under the car will tell you. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Its a water pump and all of ours will fail at some point. Just don't let it overheat.
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    Fritz Ficke
    +1 I pulled my engine to "do the water pump" and before I got out I had new valve guides, timing chain and guides etc.
    A little leak is OK, always keep track of fluids and temp.
    These engines really need an engine out service every 40,000 miles like Ferrari recomends. and at that time the water pump seal is part of it.

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