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    In October 1960, Jesse Alexander got to drive and review two (silver & black) of the three GTE Prototypes for Auto Motor und Sport magazine. He says in the article that the third (the white 1903 GT) was not available for testing as it was "being used by Commendatore Ferrari himself".

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    At this time the white car was carrying serial number 1287GT and plates "MO 54083". One should be very very careful when attaching serial numbers to the renumbered cars. If you look at the photos published in AMS, the plates on the silver 1287GT - the first prototype - have already been been removed for the obvious reason.

    Sort of funny that factory archive seems to be of no help when trying to sort out these cases as old papers seem often to have been thrown away as soon as they were not needed anymore.
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    Have you seen a photo of the white car with "MO 54083" and without the side louvers?
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    No, don't think such exist. Louvers were added first.
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    This car sold last month at Bonhams for $225k when it was "believed" to be Enzo's car. Dealer now asking $595k and it appears it has become definitive...I would be curious to see what information the dealer has that Bonhams did not but i'm pretty sure I know the answer
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