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Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Chenrezi, Jan 25, 2004.

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    Oh man.... WOW!!!
    After almost a month I got my hands on the EVO magazine with the test on the Enzo, F50; F40 and 288 GTO PLUS an article on the 288 GTO evoluzione....
    OMG! It's THE BEST magazine article on Ferraris I've ever read bar none!!!
    And the 288 GTO... amazingly beautifull!!!
    The article is very well written; very well documented with pics and has a "familiar" type of wrtiting that is just so envolving... GREAT!
    And I also bought a mazagine with an article called "on board the 612 Scaglietti", but despite alot of attention to the upgrades and innovations over the 456 it doens't cover much of what I REALLY wanted to read... How it turns, how it goes, what's its milleage.... Great pics of it though, I don't think I had seen it in red yet!
    AS anybody else bought EVO? What do you guys think of it? I was personally a bit disapointed about the F40... It has been my dream car for over a decade and I've always rated it high on the ultimate supercar league (#1!)...

    Just send in whatever thoughts you may have on the subject.

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