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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by periclo, Jul 25, 2016.

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    Jul 25, 2016
    I realize there are a lot of dealers in Chicago and the Midwest to choose from, but I wanted to mention that Chris Abass at Bentley Gold Coast was great to work with. I am super picky about details and he was patient and thorough. Realize they are busy at times so finding details about each car takes time to do it right. They have lots of cars to choose from. Looked at a 430 and ended up buying a 360. They assist a wide range of potential clients and Chris treats everyone equally and fair. If you were looking at a car on their website simply call him - easy to talk to. This sounds glowing but it is my experience - no BS.
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    Congrats on the new car! Post up some pics when you get a chance.
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    Anyone else feel the same (or not the same) about that dealership?

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    mark k.
    I know they have a terrible reputation here but that's not my personal experience.
    Granted, I never bought anything there before although came very close and every time was treated very professionally and with respect.
    In the future, if they have a car I really would want, I would not hesitate to deal with them.
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    To be fair it is awfully easy to be nice before someone buys!

    All dealers will make mistakes but the test for me is how they handle themselves after you buy and particularly after something goes wrong.

    My experience with them is pre-purchase also--and I don't put much weight on it as it is pre-purchase and only one data point. Here is the sequence of events:
    1. I call them about a car with a few questions.
    2. I mention that if the salesperson is busy or does not know the answers off hand I am happy to get an email later when he has time. The sales person says he'll email me, but asks me to take down his email address and send him an email first.
    3. I email him with some specific and easy questions.
    4. Did not hear back.

    To be fair I can't believe my experience is representative...sales person probably just spaced it out. Also, maybe he just did not have a pen on him and was not at his desk when I called?

    Like I say--it is not only pre-purchase but only one data point. I would like to hear from a few/handful of those with post-purchase experience. Preferably those where there was a slight hiccup which gave the dealership an opportunity to "show their stuff" so to speak.
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    BGC is now a part of the long time Chicago dealer Perillo. Years ago (2005) I bought a used BMW X5 from Luxury Motors of Downers Grove, a division of Bentley of Downers Grove that was owned by Joe Abbas. Quite the experience.
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    Jun 16, 2008
    Heard a few stories about Joe Abbas, from his Luxury motors days, and after. I assume that Chris is his son?
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    I almost bought a black 355 spider from them. They showed me a clean carfax but the drivers door didn't alighn with the quarter panel. Then I noticed shims on drivers door hinge to door post. It just gave me an uneasy feeling so I passed. I got home, ran the vin, and found out the whole left side of that car was wrecked. Even found old pics of car wrecked and being sold on ebay. In my opinion, they should of sold this car at auction instead of trying to sell it at such a high end outfit. I was so glad that I followed my instinct. Sorry, but I don't trust them at all after this experience.
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    Another outfit with a sterling reputation. Which makes me wonder about the OP's user name.
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    Sep 27, 2013
    +1 I was thinking the same thing.
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    Have to agree why for a first post? Most first posts about the car or first Ferrari or what ever not about the guy who sold the car.
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    Without divulging the roster of cars such as would identify my friend, I have a close friend who's bought a small fleet of exotics from them. They treat him like a king when he visits, but any time I'm with him on a tour through the showroom, I feel like I need to take a shower afterward. Most - not all, but most - of their associates are more into the luxury lifestyle and acting like they're part of the clienteles' social circles, as opposed to being 'car guys' who can truly know and understand the specs of what they're selling. (Case in point is that their storefront is now a garish watch and jewelry display case that shields some of their better cars from view.) My wife and I frequently find ourselves drowned out when eating outdoors at nearby restaurants by their staffers who take out the cars with dealer tags at night and go around cruising like ******bags. And I challenge you to find any reputable Chicago businessman who has a kind word to say about Joe Perillo, as well. Alas, you want actual experiences, so here's my personal experience:

    About five years ago, they had a nice used 360 F1 spider, and apparently I stared at it long enough outside the showroom that they invited me in for a closer look. Thierry, the salesman, didn't have to sell me too hard. It was early May, and I figured why not pull the trigger.

    ME: “Worst, case, I guess if I decide it's not the right fit, I could sell it again in the Fall if I’m worried about the maintenance, image, etc? Not too much downside here.”

    HIM: “Absolutely. You only live once. Some Summer this would be!”

    ME: “Okay, I’ll take it if it passes an inspection. Can you show me the service history?’

    HIM: “Absolutely! We have a Carfax right here.”

    ME: “No, not a Carfax. The service records. When were the belts last done, etc.”

    HIM: “Uhhhh, anything important like that would be in a Carfax. That’s all we’ve got.’

    ME: “Wait a minute. This is a used car, right?”

    HIM: “Yes.”

    ME: “ Do you know and trust the person you took it in from?”

    HIM: “Absolutely!”

    ME: “Are they a regular customer here?”

    HIM: “Oh, yes.”

    ME: “Then could just call them tomorrow and ask what services they had done during ownership, and find out what shop did the service?”

    HIM: “Look, we don’t mess around like that. Are you a serious buyer or not?”

    ME: “That's my bank across the street, and here my banker's number. What about that service history?”

    HIM: “Here’s what I can tell you. Take this out of here, turn left, and go up two blocks on Rush Street, and NO ONE at any of those restaurants or clubs will know you didn’t pay $200,000 dollars for this car. (Note: asking price was $80k) THAT’S all you need to know.”

    ME: “Is THAT really your typical customer here? I’m sorry, I’ve made a mistake.”

    I'm actually very grateful for this experience because, sure enough, two blocks north, ran into an old man pulling up to Tavern with a comely young girlfriend in a 430. It turned me off to even wanting a Ferrari, which had heretofore been my lifelong dream, until I caught a rerun of Mangum PI two months later and realized THAT was the car that made me swoon over the brand in the first place. Bought a great used 308 and am undertaking a full Concours restoration instead, and couldn't be happier.

    LOVE to window browse at the showroom, but wouldn't deal with any of these imbeciles unless I absolutely had to. They make my skin crawl.

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