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Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by obbob, Feb 11, 2018.

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    I have a residence in Las Vegas, so I believe that allows me to purchase new cars from Towbin. However, I have not made any transactions with them as of yet.

    So far, my observations has been that Towbin seems to always be on the very high end of their asking prices; much higher than the dealership I usually deal with.

    Has anyone here ever dealt with Towbin Ferrari Maserati? How's the buying and selling process with them? Do they tend to be flexible on their used car prices? Are new allocations easier or harder to come buy than other dealerships?
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    The entire staff from Wynn moved over to Towbin. Some people have left over time but it's pretty much the same crew and organization. So, they have been running for about 10 years now when they first opened as Penske over at the Wynn hotel. It's a "new" dealership but with a staff of veterans.

    New Ferrari's: There's no negotiation of a new Ferrari at any dealership in America. You pay MSRP. I bought from them 2 new Ferrari's and traded 3 and was satisfied with each transaction. The waiting list was much shorter than LA but YMMV. Quotas come out of FNA so there's not much they can do about it. So if you're trying to get "a deal" on the price of a new car, that's off the table but it's off the table everywhere.

    Wynn/ Towbin sales never asked me for a deposit to get on "the list". I paid the deposit when the slot opened up and I ordered the car. Some dealers work differently.

    For a used Ferrari purchase, I don't know but today everyone knows the price of every used car in America. You go by market price. Its difficult to grossly inflate the price of a used car today when you can search on the internet in 2 seconds.

    Remember that you can buy a USED Ferrari at any dealer anywhere. It's only new cars that are restricted by region.

    I know they sell a lot of Maserati's so people must be pretty happy with the deals. Personally I don't know as I haven't bought one there. Towbin also sell Bentley, RR and Aston Martin in the same dealership. They are combined to together.

    Just down the street they sell Alfa's also on Jones.

    I will send you a PM of some people there you can contact.

    Good luck!

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