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    Game came out today. Seems like more of the same. I guess they are trying to be like EA and milking their customers every year.

    They probably need to patch it soon because of Force India :p

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    Much prefer it over 2017. Can push the cars a lot more, the cars don't feel like boats. The R&D path is a lot better as well, in '17 it was slow, now a lot more options and can grow a team quicker. Negotiating a contract is great as well. AI is far better, they actually attempt overtakes....

    Biggest downside of the game is the inclusion of Paul Ricard. Last year on '17 I was poor at best at Baku, my real bogey Baku is great but Paul Ricard is absolute hell for me. Can't get a half decent lap in on that mickey mouse circuit, what a hell hole. I typically play at 101-105 percent pending on circuit, paul ricard I struggle at 80%o_O
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