F1 2019...huge leap forward

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ricksb, May 4, 2019.

  1. ricksb

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    B. Ricks
    This one should be worth buying. Check out the videos on YouTube. Controls look awesome, frame rate is best in the series, graphics seem like actual live sessions. Sounds are complex and authentic

    The Prost/Senna thing should be cool, but it looks like gameplay will be the big selling point here.
  2. Bas Jaski

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    It looks very nice. It won't be a real sim sadly, but at least it's a racing series that offers decent AI racing on all F1 tracks. I like the career mode, taking a team forwards via upgrading.

    F2 now included also, and as far as I can work out you can start in F2 with career mode, and if you do well get signed by one of the junior programs of merc/ferrari/red bull and progress to one of their teams afterwards. Sounds like fun.

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