F1 Rule Changes?

Discussion in 'F1' started by docdavid, Mar 6, 2004.

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    Mike D
    HI, I have just recently started to become interested in F1 racing, but am still learning quite a bit about the sport. When watching qualifying last night, i heard something about rule changes pertaining to launch control and auto. downshifts, can anyone tell me where i can read more about these in a simplified form, or can anyone explain these or other rule changes,

    PS. 1 -2 ferrari qualifying, Alright!
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    Check out some websites like eg www.formula1.com for detais.
    Basically until this year cars were able to use launch control: The driver pressed a button on the steering wheel. Once the lights at the start went out, he let go of that button and the computer would launch the car to the first corner. That is no longer allowed. It made for some blistering starts in the past from Mc Laren and Renault and Williams.

    The gears are shifted up and down by wire, meaning the driver flips a paddle for up and downshifts (like in the 360 or the Enzo etc). The computer controls the hydraulics which switch the gears appropriately by also revving the engine the right way. Appararntly (I didn't know that either until I heard it yesterday) some software did all the gear changes down automatically, not just one gear. That is close to driving an automatic. Good thing they banned this.

    As far as driving aids go, currently only traction control is allowed.

    Other rule changes pertain to the shape of the cars (two wing elements instead of three) and the biggest is the one regarding only one engine per weekend. You fail, you go 10 places backwards on the grid. I was surprised we didn't see that this weekend. But that one could be a fun one if some top notch cars/drivers start from the rear...

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